A man was arrested for the second time in a week for being drunk in public.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Zach McCaslin arrested Edward Sawney for public intoxication on Aug. 10. Sawney stumbled up to the deputy and wanted to ask him a question. He was swaying back and forth and said he was "sorry." McCaslin asked him if he had been drinking, and he said "Yes, I'm drunk." He was transported to the detention center and booked. Swaney had also been arrested by Tahlequah Police Lt. Steve Arnall on Aug. 7 for public intoxication.

On Aug. 10, Deputy Bruce Lair arrested a man after Jennie Sidebottom reported he was trespassing. John William Campbell was in the garage when Lair arrived at the house and told the deputy he didn't know where he was. He was arrested for public intoxication and banned from the property.

Maya Vann contacted the sheriff's office about a tip she had received about her missing vehicle. On Aug. 5, Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to the area of Riverside Park to the report of recovered property. Vann filed a report of unauthorized use of her vehicle, and someone told her it was under the river bridge. Officers found the vehicle and Vann took possession of it.

Casey Ashwill said his truck was vandalized on Aug. 9 to the tune of $10,617.56 in damages. He said someone put an unknown substance in the motor oil and the truck engine blew up and shut down.