A local man was arrested after he and his brother got into a physical altercation in the street.

On Oct. 8, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Robison was dispatched to the area of Meacer Street and Macon Street on a report of a fight in progress. When he arrived, he saw Dalton James Poafpybitty and another man, and both looked like they had been in an altercation. The one brother's ear was bleeding and Poafpybitty's mouth was bleeding. Both admitted to fighting and didn't want to press charges. Both men were drunk and one brother was arrested and taken to the detention center for intoxication.

Jeff Patenaude told deputies his truck was stolen at the Log store on Oct. 5. He said as he was walking into the store he noticed a woman, who was sitting on the curb, was staring at him. He didn't think much of it, but when he walked back outside, the woman and his truck were gone. Deputies gathered information on the truck from Patenaude. He said the vehicle was purchased through Car-Mart and they should be able to track it, since a GPS was installed. They tracked the truck to Locust Grove but couldn't get a specific location.

Deputy Nick Chute took a report from Nathanael Slosson at the sheriff's office Oct. 4. Slosson said a man and a woman were sending him threatening calls and text messages. In a message, the man said if he wasn't a millionaire by the time he was 30 years old, he was going to kill himself and others. An employee also received a messages from the man that said he was going to kill Slosson and his family.

On Sept. 27, Jim Webster said he thought a family member was stealing items from his house. The man said the relative stayed with him occasionally, and the items missing were an LED TV, a rifle, and trimmer.

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