A man was arrested after he fled from law enforcement officers and resisted arrest.

On Sept. 7, county Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was on patrol when he heard Cherokee Nation Marshal Preston Oosahwee radio Tahlequah Police Officer Brian Jordan that a man in an orange hoodie was running from him. When Dreadfulwater saw Isaiah Westmoreland behind Dollar General and Holiday Inn, the deputy activated his lights and sirens, but the suspect refused to stop. Dreadfulwater gave chase and tackled the suspect. Westmoreland grabbed the deputy's wrist and resisted until Deputy Zach Adams arrived and handcuffed him. Westmoreland was charged with obstruction and resisting.

On Sept. 6, Deputy Ryan Robison was dispatched to 15695 W. Mud Valley Road on a report of a vandalism. Nicholas Faglie said a woman punched his car window, causing a crack. Dispatch said the woman called and said Faglie kicked her out of his vehicle at Speedy's gas station on State Highway 51, but she didn't want to file a report. Faglie said the woman started to yell and curse at him about the social media app, Snapchat, when she punched his dashboard and window. Robison was unable to locate the woman.

Deputy Nick Chute was sent to Chili's Sept. 8 to meet with Robbins Wrecker Service employee Johnny Barron, who said a man kept calling and told him he was an FBI agent and was going to have him arrested for not returning his vehicle or belongings. The man called the next day and said, "In Vietnam, they said he was next." The man called back again and said he was a blind 74-year-old, but had friends who could "take care of" Barron and that he needed to watch his back. Chute was provided the two numbers the man was using.

Investigator R. Berry took a report from a woman who said an ex-boyfriend assaulted her Sept. 7. She said her ex's grandmother was driving her home and he was in the backseat when he squeezed her fingers. She said he used his forearm to choke her and pulled her against the headrest. His grandmother yelled at him to stop, and he did about 13 seconds later. She said he also threw a water bottle and hit her in the foot as she walked from the car to her house.

On Sept. 8, Deputy Zach Adams was called to 21403 S. Keeler Drive on a burglary report. Kristen Walker said she left her house but locked the doors. When she came back, the front door was open and everything had been ransacked. Adams said the point of entrance was through a bedroom window that was replaced with plexiglas because it was broken. Walker didn't notice anything missing.

On June 17, Shannon Fisher said her son's mini dirt bike was stolen. On Sept. 8, Deputy Kim Novak recovered the bike when he spoke to a man who bought it from Double D Pawn in Muskogee. Novak verified the bike was stolen by running the VIN number. The man who bought the bike agreed to return it to Fisher.

On Sept. 6, Michael Humphrey reported two men stole his lawnmower on Labor Day Weekend. He said he watched the men load his mower into the back of a truck, and when he asked them where his was, they said it was at his sister's house. Humphrey went to his sister's and said the mower there was a more expensive one than his. One of the men told Deputy Curtis Elkins that Humphrey's mower was the one at his sister's.

Krystal Chance reported a thief stole a rifle from her residence in Peggs. She filed the report on Sept. 9 but said the theft happened two weeks prior. The rifle is a Rascal Brand youth left-handed model .22.

A man stole gasoline from Speedy's Gas station on Sept. 5. Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko spoke to a store employee, who said the man pumped $25 worth of gas and came into the store to buy a snack and drink without paying for the fuel.

On Sept. 9, Clint Johnson reported a SCCY brand 9mm handgun was stolen from his residence. He said he is unsure when the gun was taken.

On Sept. 5, James Jones said he noticed three of his custom sucker rod and galvanized pipe gates were stolen within a two-week period. He said each gate costs about $375.

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