The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office has been made aware of two separate cases of sexual assault involving children.

On Jan. 31, Deputy Ryan Robison was dispatched to Tahlequah High School in regard to a sexual assault after a student said she was molested at the bus stop that morning.

The girl said her biological father took her to the bus stop and tried kissing her as they waited for the bus. She said her dad told her "I made you, you're mine," and put his hands on her inner thigh.

She told deputies the man put his hands down her pants and was touching her inappropriately. She said she pushed his hands away and got out of the vehicle.

Robison assisted DHS worker Megan Barnett with a home visit where they interviewed family members. The father agreed to allow his daughter to stay at a children's home until a forensic interview is performed.

On Feb. 10, Deputy Scott Wolfe was dispatched to take a sexual assault call at the Tahlequah Police Department.

A man said his daughter and step-daughter had been molested by his brother. The man said his wife checked their daughter's computer and she said she was raped by her uncle.

This prompted the father to further investigate and he asked his step-daughter if she was aware of anything going on. The girl opened up about several experiences she had with her step-uncle.

She said her uncle took her to a room and told her to take her clothes off. She said he threatened to throw her out of the house naked if she made a "fuss" or anything.

"At that point, I had heard enough to file a report/case and have one of our investigators look into it," Wolfe said in the report.

The deputy had the father and step-daughter fill out statements.

Online court records show the man in question has been charged with first-degree rape from a 2016 incident.

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