A woman reported someone stole over $1,300 from several ATM transactions with her debit card.

On Jan. 8, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Ward was dispatched to Whittmore Lane in regard to credit/debit card fraud. Lois Whittmore said $1,333 worth of ATM transactions were made on her card between Nov. 17 and Dec. 3. Whittmore provided Ward with her bank statements that documented the transactions and where those were made.

On Jan. 7, Deputy Robert Stephens was dispatched to U.S. Highway 62 on a report of a homeless kid walking in the road. The boy claimed he was homeless and his mother was in a "bad situation." Stephens said the boy kept trying to run into the highway, as he said people were trying to "get" him. The boy admitted to using methamphetamine earlier that day. Stephens took the boy to the sheriff's office, where he tried to contact a parent. The Department of Human Services were contacted and the boy was taken to the hospital for detoxing.

Justin Kennedy said someone broke into his box car storage unit on Jan. 9. Kennedy said two of the four locks were destroyed with a bolt cutter. He said a generator, extension cord, a drill, an ammo box containing cash, checks, and a bow were missing.

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