Deputies responded to a house after a man threw a remote at a small child.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko was dispatched to South Keeler Drive in regard to a report of child abuse. A man said Timmy William Greybull was drunk and hit a 7-year-old girl. Greybull denied hitting the girl but admitted he threw a remote at her. Rafalko interview the girl, who claimed Greybull yelled at her to stop crying, and said he was going to throw her out of the window. The girl said Greybull threw the remote at her to stop her crying. Rafalko examined the girl for injuries and found a mark on her stomach. The girl said she already had a mark there and the remote made it worse. Due to insufficient evidence of child abuse, Greybull was arrested for public intoxication and a warrant.

On Sept. 25, Sgt. Jarrod Rye and Deputies Lane Yeager and Pete Broderick responded to West 790 Road to assist the District 27 Task Force on a warrant service. Yeager went to the rear of the property while Broderick, Rye, and Agent Stephanie Stephens went to the front door. No one answered the door, but Rubin Torres-Gonzalez's sister said the man was inside the residence and gave authorities permission to enter. At first, deputies didn't find Gonzalez in the bedrooms or the rest of the house, but Broderick noticed what appeared to be a person lying under a blanket in the cluttered living room. Broderick removed the blanket where Gonzalez was lying and commanded him to show his hands and stand up. Gonzalez yelled he didn't do anything wrong and ignored Broderick's orders. Gonzalez complied and was told he was under arrest. Gonzalez pulled away from Broderick and resisted. Rye pulled his Taser and told Gonzalez he would deploy it if he didn't comply. The man continued to yell, refused to cooperate, and was struck by the Taser. Gonzalez was arrested and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for his warrant and resisting arrest.

On Oct. 14, Deputies Shane Owens and Robert Stephens were dispatched to Clyde Maher Road for a domestic disturbance. Dispatch advised there was a fire in the house, but it was put out. Owens informed dispatch to notify the fire department. Woodall Fire checked to see if any accelerants were used in the small blaze. They advised they detected a small amount of accelerant, but not enough to suggest arson. A woman said the fire was electrical, but Woodall Fire didn't find any evidence to support that claim. A woman who called 911 said the other woman started the fire, but she didn't see her do it. Another woman said there had been a long history of violence with the woman who supposedly started the fire, but never reported any of it. No charges were filed due to no witnesses, and no proof the fire was set on purpose.

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