A man was scammed by someone who claimed to work for Apple.

On Nov. 5, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Pete Broderick took a fraud report from Billie Mills, who said he received an Apple computer he ordered and tried to set it up. He googled Apple Customer Care and called the number provided. Mills said he talked with a representative named "John," who said he could fix the issues after Mills registered the computer. John told Mills he need to get a Google Play gift card and load $100 on it to pay for the fix. Mills purchased two gift cards for $200. John told Mills he needed to download an app called "Any Desk" and that would fix the issues. Mills downloaded the app and gave John the card information to pay for the fix. Mills realized his computer wasn't fixed and contacted Apple Customer Care. They informed him they would never ask for gift cards and that he was scammed. Mills found out the app he downloaded was a hack program that would allow John access to all the information on Mills' cell phone. Mills contacted his banks and informed them of the situation. Mills said John kept calling him and his wife and is harassing them. Broderick contacted the number John called from, and learned it was a text mail system.

Deputy Broderick was dispatched to Park Hill to assist another agency on Nov. 5. A woman with the Department of Human Services was there to conduct a follow up on a possible abuse. Broderick went to the residence, where he met with Celinda Thomas and Leanna Stout. Thomas had two black eyes and said it was makeup. Broderick asked her what day it was, who the president was, and her name. Thomas was unable to answer those questions. Broderick asked Stout about the black eyes and she reiterated it was makeup, but then said Travis Stout did it. Leanna said Travis was inside the trailer and opened the door and yelled for him to come outside. However, Travis ran out of the black door and to another trailer but was caught a short time later. Travis said he ran because he had warrants. He claims Thomas was having an anxiety attack and he was trying to get her to sit down. Travis said Thomas went outside in the cold weather so he went after her. He said they were walking up the steps when Thomas fell and he caught her by the arm. Travis said Thomas got a cut on her arm from a piece of metal hanging from the wall. Broderick asked the man about the markings on Thomas' face, and he said he got mad and slapped her. Broderick asked Travis if he slapped or punched Thomas. He said he slapped her and that he would never punch his mother. According to Leanna, Travis told her he hit Thomas in her eyes with his fist. Broderick advised dispatch to send medical personnel to his location and they transferred Thomas to the hospital. Travis was arrested and taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center for booking.

Shayanne Boston said she was at Log Store North with her family on Nov. 4. She said she left a Verizon Jet Pack and some of her kid's school stuff on her tailgate and went inside the store. The jet pack was gone when she returned to her vehicle.

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