A man stopped for trespassing was arrested after deputies found drugs in his possession.

On Dec. 20, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy James Carver was dispatched to North 427 Road on a report of stalking or trespassing. The caller said Chris Lyons had been on her property the day before, and now he was back. Dispatch advised Lyons was wearing tan-colored pants. Carver came across Lyons on Lost City Road. Lyons was holding a blue bag and dropped the bag in the ditch before he approached the deputy. Lyons kept putting his left hand in his pocket and Carver told him to take his hand out, but he placed his hand in his pocket a second time. Lyons said he was looking for a friend and spoke with a woman. Carver asked if he was on someone's property, and Lyons said he didn't think so. Lyons was asked what was in the bag and he claimed it was food. He gave Carver permission to search the bag. Carver found four bags of marijuana and a light bulb used as a smoking device. Lyons was arrested for possession of marijuana without a valid prescription, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and trespassing after being forbidden. Carver ran a criminal history record on Lyons and found several drug-related charges.

Deputy Jimmy Tannehill responded to the Log Store on Dec. 20 for a disturbance. An employee said Misty Vaughan was inside for hours and was asked several times to leave. The employee said Vaughan cursed and yelled at several customers and him. Vaughan told Tannehill she had no one to pick her up and admitted to drinking vodka. Vaughan was arrested for public intoxication and told the deputy she didn't have any drugs, weapons or needles on her. Jail officers searched Vaughan and found marijuana and glass pipes containing a white substance. Vaughan said she didn't know marijuana was considered a drug. She was booked on charges of public intoxication and bringing contraband into a penal institute.

On Dec. 21, Deputy Carver was in the Briggs area when he passed an older red SUV. Carver turned around and tried to catch up to the vehicle, but was unable to find it. Deputy Tannehill found the vehicle parked at a residence on South 551 Road. Deputies ran the tag information and the address was in Tahlequah. Dispatch advised TPD just issued a "be on the lookout" (BOLO) on a stolen vehicle. Dispatch said the tag information came back to the red SUV. Tannehill checked the residence and found no one was living there.

Deputy Jesse Mitchell responded to reports of an unattended death on Dec. 14. Family members of Gaelela Johnson, 91, said she died that morning. EMS arrived and pronounced the time of death as 8:46 a.m. Family members said Johnson's last doctor visit was 15 years earlier, and she didn't take medications or make doctor visits due to religious beliefs. The Medical Examiner authorized the body to be released to the funeral home, but they asked that the body be held for investigation.

Cynthia Stayathome reported her vehicle had been stolen in Tahlequah on Dec. 17. Stayathome notified Tahlequah police Dec. 20 when she found her vehicle abandoned in Welling. Deputy Caleb Rice confirmed the vehicle belonged to her. Stayathome said the only damage to her vehicle was the front bumper, which was missing.

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