A woman was arrested after allegedly pointing a firearm at someone's head while drunk.

On May 14, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Pete Broderick was dispatched to Park Hill for a disturbance. Kenneth Haeberle said he and Melissa Huddleston came home and found Georgina Mollie drinking on the front porch. Huddleston told the woman she wasn't welcome and she needed to leave. Both women got into an altercation before Mollie went inside the residence, came back outside, and pointed a gun at the vehicle. Haeberle told the woman to put the gun away, and that his son was inside the vehicle. He said Mollie turned to him, pointed the gun at his head, and said it was his fault. Haeberle said he took matters into his own hands and knocked the gun away from his head, and that Molly lost her balance and dropped the gun. The homeowner, Edward Hathcoat, said he told Mollie several times she wasn't allowed at the residence, and he didn't want to file charges, but he wanted Mollie banned from the property. Broderick said Mollie was belligerent and refused to talk about the incident. The deputy determined the firearm was a pellet gun and it was unloaded. Mollie was taken to jail and booked for feloniously pointing a firearm.

Deputy Broderick was on patrol on Muskogee Avenue when a Buick sped past him on May 14. The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver had a suspended license. The passenger, Kevin Young, said he didn't have a valid license, and a wrecker was called to tow the vehicle. During a search, Young said he had a backpack in the backseat and he wanted to take it with him. Young said the deputy could search the bag and admitted there was a firearm inside. Broderick asked the man if he had ever been arrested and if he was a convicted felon. Young said yes to both, and he was arrested for possession of a firearm while convicted felon. The driver was issued citations and released.

On May 11, Tomi Kirkpatrick notified authorities after she was aware that someone tried to file for unemployment using her information.

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