Deputies arrested a man after he repeatedly violated a protective order.

On May 19, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to a residence for a protective order violation. The caller said Kyle Underwood showed up to her house again, and deputies had been called earlier that day for the same issue, but Underwood left on foot prior to their arrival. Chute pulled up to the house as Underwood was walking toward the wood line. Underwood was handcuffed and the caller said she wanted to press charges. Underwood was taken to jail and booked for the violation.

Deputy Justin Gifford was dispatched to a prowler call on Baron Drive on May 19. When the deputy arrived, dispatch advised that a vehicle was just stolen on the same street. Lahon Flynn said his son left the keys in the truck the night before, and the doors were unlocked. A neighbor said she saw a man take the truck, and the purported thief was walking around the area before the truck was taken.

Sue Berry said one of the windows in her truck had been busted out on May 18. She said her nephew used the vehicle a few days before, and the window wasn't broken then. Berry said she didn't notice anything missing, but was advised to call the sheriff's office if she did.

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