Deputies were called after an 18-year-old woman stopped breathing.

On May 22, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy James Carver was dispatched to assist Cherokee Nation EMS with an unconscious 18-year-old. Dispatchers advised the situation may have been an overdose. Chicken Creek Fire Department was on the scene and performing CPR on Chelsey Gerock until EMS transported her to Northeastern Health System. Witnesses at the residence said they were hanging out and watching movies when Gerock started acting "funny." They said Gerock told them she had taken the drug "Molly" and she stopped breathing. Sgt. Jarrod Rye called Carver and informed him Gerock had died.

Deputy Tanner Hendley was called to Murrell Road for a fraud/forgery report May 21. The caller said he received a message from someone saying they had video of him masturbating, and they would send the footage to his family if he didn't send money. The message said the video featured the man masturbating while watching pornography, and it could be emailed to family and co-workers if demands weren't met.

Carolyn Greenhaw said one of her tenants was late on rent, and when she asked about the payment on May 6, she was threatened. She said the tenant told her she would pay the rent when she got her stimulus check. Greenhaw said she told the tenant if the rent wasn't paid, she would be forced to file for eviction once the courthouse reopened. She said a man with the tenant pulled out a knife, and Greenhaw said she was going to call the police. That is when the man with the knife told her if she called the police, she would be sorry. Deputy Pete Broderick tried to contact the tenant and the man for several days, but they never returned to the residence.

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