A man was shot twice during an altercation with a family member.

On June 20, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Pete Broderick was dispatched to Fort Gibson on a report of shots fired. Dispatch advised one man was shot and the suspect drove away in black SUV. Dispatch also said the victim was at the Fort Gibson Police Department with medical personnel. Saul Ramirez was inside an ambulance, being treated for a gunshot wound to his chest. Witnesses said Ernesto Pacheco pulled into the driveway in a black SUV, and Ramirez told the man to leave. The witness said Pacheco got out of the vehicle holding a gun, and accused Ramirez of stealing. The two men argued and Pacheco hit Ramirez's hand, breaking a finger. Pacheco pointed the gun at Ramirez and pulled the trigger twice. The witnesses said Pacheco immediately got in his vehicle and sped off. Ramirez was taken to Fort Gibson High School and he was airlifted to a Tulsa hospital. A nurse at the hospital said Ramirez's wounds were not life-threatening. Broderick issued a Be on the Lookout for Pacheco.

Brandy Cedillo and her husband were walking their two dogs on June 20 when another dog attacked them. Cedillo said she tried to break up the dogs and was bitten in the leg. She said she also rolled her ankle during the struggle. The dog owner said his dog broke loose from its leash he had tied to a post. He said his dog is vaccinated, but he was told to quarantine the animal until the heath department contacted him.

The manager of a Dollar General store said a woman stole items from the outside displays on June 22. Linda Elbert said the woman took pool noodles and two packs of toilet paper. When Elbert confronted the woman, she cussed at her and drove off with the items. Elbert gave the vehicle tag information to deputies.

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