A man said authorities had been contacted several times about a woman who kept causing problems.

On June 25, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jarrod Rye was dispatched to North 436 Road for a trespassing call. Dispatchers advised Laura Wehunt was trespassing on her neighbor's property and that she was causing problems. Chris Cole said Wehunt came onto his property, banged on his doors, and demanded water.

He said Wehunt left and went to another neighbor's home, where she demanded water. Those neighbors told her to get off their property. Cole said the sheriff's office had been out to his house numerous times for the same issue, and he was afraid for his family's safety. Rye went to Wehunt's property, but she refused to answer his questions and told him to leave. When Rye went to his patrol unit to get a flashlight, Wehunt left her property on foot and began walking down the road. Wehunt refused to stop, and at times she would run from Rye. Eventually, Rye was able to stop Wehunt and arrest her for obstruction. Dispatched advised there had been five different calls involving Wehunt since June 13.

On June 12, Deputy Curtis Elkins responded to a walk-in report at the sheriff's office. Gary Harrington said his four-wheeler was stolen from a mechanic's shop.

The shop owner said he was under the impression Harrington picked up the four-wheeler when he noticed it was gone.

Justin Frits reported his motorcycle had been stolen on June 24. Frits said he parked the bike on his front porch. He said he walked his wife to her vehicle on June 26, and noticed the 2019 Yamaha motorcycle was missing.

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