Several post office boxes were vandalized in Cookson once again, sometime between June 24 and the morning of June 25.

On May 31, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to the Cookson Post Office, where 12 boxes had been pried open. Chute reported the 12 boxes had no mail inside, and that it appeared the other boxes had been tampered with, but not broken into. Then, on June 25, Postmaster Tanya Howerton reported another seven boxes were broken into. Six were in use, and one was vacant. Howerton told deputies she did not believe the individuals were specifically targeted, but that the boxes were in a location that allowed the perpetrator to see outside the building while committing the crime.

Deputy Tanner Hendley performed a traffic stop on State Highway 10 on June 28, after he observed a white SUV aggressively pull onto the roadway in front of him. He then saw the vehicle cross over the white line and onto the grass. After pulling the vehicle over, Hendley noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver, Shelby Caudle, who admitted to drinking on the Illinois River before driving. Hendley had the driver step out of the vehicle to "doughnut" a field sobriety test. After it was determined she was under the influence, the vehicle was towed and Caudle was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center. At the CCDC, the driver submitted to a breathalyzer test, and the result was 0.16 percent. She was booked for aggravated DUI and given a temporary driver's license.

Deputy Ryan Robison was dispatched to the Chicken Creek public access area June 20 in regard to a dog bite. Upon arrival, Brandy Cedillo reported she and her husband were walking their two Rottweilers around the park when another dog attacked them. While attempting to break up the dogs, Cedillo was bitten, leaving a small puncture mark, and rolled her ankle. The owner of the other dog said it got loose from its leash, which was tied to a post in the ground. The owner stated the dog had received its vaccines, and the deputy advised the owner to keep the dog quarantined until the health department contacts him.

Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko responded to a domestic disturbance call June 21, at East Harbison Drive. A woman claimed her husband took her phone and damaged her windshield by throwing rocks at it. The husband also claimed the woman had damaged his windshield with a screwdriver. Rafalko said there was video surveillance, but it only showed the man and woman arguing.

Deputy Shane Owens was dispatched to a theft call June 25 on South Highway 82, when Jada and Jack Wagnon reported their golden retriever went missing from their home June 20. Jada reported her husband received a picture of the couple's dog from their neighbor, who asked if it was theirs. The neighbor gave the couple directions to where the dog was seen, and the couple drove to the residence on North 556 Road. When they arrived, the Wagnons reported several of the individuals who were there left in a hurry, but one of the men who remained said the dog had left. On June 26, the Owens received word the dog had been returned to the Wagnon's residence. Jada told the deputy she thought the group of people where the dog was last seen found out the CCSO was involved, and decided to return the animal.

Deputy Kerry Novak took a report from John Richey, who said he has a land dispute in a Cherokee County court case. Richey said the 30 acres of land was in trust and originally belonged to his grandfather. He said the grandfather somehow got the land out of trust, and added another family member to the deed. After a group of people arrived and mowed part of the land that appeared to be for hay, Richey called his attorney, who told him to file a report, because nobody could do anything with the land while it was part of a court case.

On June 24, Deputy Novak wrote Rocky Jackson a warning for illegal dumping around the man's house. Jackson agreed to move the trash to a landfill or transfer station within 10 days.

Deputy Tanner Hendley was dispatched to a cardiac/respiratory arrest call in Park Hill June 25. Prior to arrival, he was informed EMS was called to the scene of a dead body. A family member had found Jess Patrick Hanna in bed, no longer breathing.

Deputy Robison was dispatched on June 27 to a auto burglary call at West 690 Road. Geneva King her daughter's vehicle next door was rummaged through, but only some CDs and small trinkets were taken. When King went to check on her own vehicle, she found it with the doors open. The glove box was open, and her debit card, driver's license, and papers were on the floor of the garage. She also said a red purse containing $3,000 cash and her Social Security card were missing.

Deputy Jimmy Tannehill was dispatched to South 497 Road for a cardiac/respiratory arrest call June 27. Mark Martin, the deceased, was found on his bed. Pamela Reed told Tannehill that Martin complained of chest pains the day before, but refused to go to the hospital. Deputy James Carver spoke with Martin's sister, who said he had taken a nitro pill and laid on their couch for a little bit, before going home. She also advised him to go to the hospital, but he refused. The body was released to Reed-Culver Funeral Home.

Deputy Novak received a tip of illegal dumping at a residence at 862 Road, where he observed a pile of trash that appears to be a burn pile, although not burned yet. He spoke with the homeowner, who said she was unaware it was illegal to burn her household trash, and agreed to haul the trash to landfill or transfer station.

On June 28, Kristen Wilson reported the back door of her residence on State Highway 10 was pulled out, and a spy camera had been taken.

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