A woman was arrested for second-degree burglary and trespassing after she was found taking a shower in a Tahlequah man’s home June 29.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tanner Hendley was dispatched to North 512 Road, after Glen Carpenter reported he came home from Walmart to find Mindy Adair in his shower. Carpenter said he'd had trouble in the past with Adair trespassing, and after he told her he was going to call the police, she left with his towel. Deputy Scott Wolf was responding to assist on the call when he found Adair walking down the street. Adair told deputies she was outside the home with Michael Carpenter, the man’s son, when the two went to the store, and that Michael said he would leave the door open for her to go inside and take a shower. While on his way back to get Glen’s statement, dispatch informed Hendley that Michael had an active warrant. Glen showed the deputy where Adair had entered the residence through a window, while Michael reportedly barricaded himself in the back room and refused to come out. Eventually, the son came out and told Hendley he did not give Adair consent to enter the home. Both were taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked.

Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to West 734 Road in reference to an assault and battery report on June 26. Jacky Plotner said another man was on his property, yelling at him, and walked toward Plotner with his fists clinched. Plotner told deputies he retrieved a tire iron from his vehicle before the man “body checked” him into his vehicle. After Plotner told the man to leave, the man began throwing rocks at him, at which point Plotner ran to his vehicle.

Kaysey Crawford reported her wallet was stolen at Garden Walk Apartments June 26. Deputy Chute was informed the wallet contained her food stamp card, credit cards, and Cherokee Nation ID card.

Deputy Shane Owens received a statement from the Muskogee Police Department regarding the unauthorized use of Carla Tucker’s debit card. According to the MPD, Tucker said she noticed a charge on her debit card for $204 at Diamondhead Bar and Grill in Tahlequah. The woman said she had never been to that location and did not know who made the charges.

Deputy Aaron Johnson received a walk-in report June 25, from Thomas Stopp, who said someone had taken his calcium medication from his mailbox. He said it was not the first time this has happened.

Stephanie Hunt said her mailbox in Fort Gibson had been broken into June 26. She told Deputy Johnson a package had been opened and there was nothing inside. The contents were steel billets for knife-making.

Deputies Kaitlin Rafalko and Pete Broderick were dispatched to apartments on 512 Road in regard to a disturbance. When they arrived, they were met by Drushaun Teehee, who appeared to be under the influence of intoxicants. She was with her boyfriend, Chris Kennedy, who also indicated he had been drinking earlier in the day. While attempting to speak with Kennedy, the deputies reported Teehee began screaming from the other room, at which time Rafalko closed the door, so she could continue hearing Kennedy’s side of the story. Teehee told the deputy it did not matter what his side was, because it was her home and she wanted him to leave. Kennedy told the deputies Teehee had active warrants, and Teehee refused to give the deputies information. Kennedy agreed to leave. While outside, Kennedy told deputies he wanted to press charges, because she had scratched, hit and stabbed him with a key on his chest the day before, and Rafalko took pictures. As the deputies returned to try and detain Teehee for the assault, she reused to open the door. Eventually, she reopened the door and and the deputies immediately placed her in a patrol unit. While receiving more information from Kennedy, Rafalko wrote in the report that Teehee began banging on the widows and door of the unit. Teehee asked the deputies to speak with her father, a retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper. According to the report, “due to professional courtesy with Trooper Teehee, we did not take his daughter to jail on the charges and let her go with him.” Kennedy was transported to the Tahlequah Men’s Shelter.

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