A wanted man was taken to jail after he tried fleeing from deputies.

On July 30, Cherokee County Sheriff's Sgt. Jarrod Rye performed a traffic stop for an expired temporary tag on East Willis Road and Whittmore Drive. Daniel Laporte gave the deputy an Oklahoma driver's license, and Rye recognized the man as someone who may have had a warrant. Rye went to his patrol unit to ask dispatch to check Laporte for warrants. Deputy Tanner Hendley pulled up when Rye noticed Laporte's driver's side door open, and Laporte took off running through a yard. Rye chased the man and eventually caught up to him when Laporte fell. Rye pulled out his Taser and told the man to he would deploy it if he didn't stop. Laporte got back on his feet and began to run, at which point he was struck by Rye's Taser. Laporte was taken to jail and booked for his warrants and escape or attempt to escape arrest or detention.

Matthew Brant reported his house was burglarized while he was at work on July 25. Brant said he came home from work and found his dresser drawers were open and clothes were thrown across the floor. Brant assumed his girlfriend made the mess while she was getting ready. They quickly determined they had been burglarized. Brant said $800 was missing from a drawer and his daughter's heart medication was missing. He said he doesn't know who broke into the house, but he believed they came in through the back door.

On July 30, Sgt. Rye responded to a residence on East 689 Road to serve a felony warrant on Kole Ulrich. Ulrich met with Rye outside an RV and was handcuffed. During a patdown, Ulrich said he had marijuana in his pocket and he didn't have his medical card for it. Ulrich was taken to jail and book for his warrant and issued a citation for possession of marijuana.

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