An argument between two family members resulted in one grabbing a knife and threatening suicide.

On Sept. 12, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Ward was dispatched to South Timber Trail to investigate a domestic assault and battery. A 17-year-old said she got into an argument with a family member, and it turned physical. The girl claimed the relative slapped her in the chest and struck her. She showed deputies the area where she said she was hit, but they didn't see any redness or marks. The girl said the family member grabbed a knife and threatened to harm herself. Deputies questioned others in the house at the time of the argument, and they said the woman did grab a knife and held it to herself. The woman admitted to grabbing a knife and that she told the 17-year-old she would kill herself. The woman said she would never act on that impulse, though, and she realized she made a bad decision.

On Sept. 13, Deputy Jimmy Tannehill was dispatched to North Webster Road on a report of a vandalism. Kavion Waller said he awoke from a nap to find one of his vehicle tires was flat. Waller said his roommate came home and said two tires were flat. Waller said he believes someone slashed the tires, but Tannehill couldn't find any puncture or slash.

Connor Sterling reported he was bitten by a dog as he was jogging Sept. 11. Sterling said two pit bull pups chased him and one bit him. He didn't want to press charges and gave Deputy Ward an address of a neighbor. Ward, who met with the dog owner, saw the two puppies on the property.

Lt. John Berry went to East Cobbs Corner, where he met a woman who claimed a man she has a protective order against was at her house. On Sept. 9, the woman saw the man in the nearby wood line. She said he turned and ran back into the woods.

On Sept. 13, Deputies Tannehill and Dustin Tannehill were dispatched to West Hulbert Drive to assist Wagoner Police Department in recovering a runaway juvenile. When deputies knocked on the back door of a house, a man said the girl was inside his room. The girl said her parents didn't know she was gone, and she was taken into custody. WPD met the deputies at CJ's One Stop, from which they took the girl to Wagoner and released her to her parents.

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