The Tahlequah Police Department has received a confession from two individuals involved in the string of vandalism that occurred near downtown area Oct. 4

Police Chief Nate King said investigators identified three people involved in the incident. One is being treated as a witness, while the other two will be included in a report to the District Attorney’s Office for non-custodial arrest warrants.

Brothers Alex and Drew Morgan confessed to damaging store fronts with a slingshot this week. King said investigators had identified the two men before they voluntarily turned themselves in, and that he appreciates the help of Walmart and Lift Coffee Bar.

“Both provided and combed through security footage to help identify these individuals, and just like anything else, it takes the community to police ourselves,” said King. “It was nice to see the public and the police work together to solve this crime.”

Police are still rounding up victims and obtaining evidence. Originally it was believed that 17 local businesses had been targeted in the vandalism, but investigators have since discovered the number is closer to 14.

“We had 17 that the night shift had found, but a couple of those businesses ended up saying that was old damage and it didn’t just happen,” said King. “Then there were two individuals who were shot at with the sling shot, but neither one of them wished to pursue charges.”

King said he expects to have a report to the DA's office by some time next week.

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