D2 Congress Candidate Pamela Gordon


Name: Pamela Gordon

Political party affiliation: Republican

Specific office sought: Congress CD2

Address and how long there: McAlester, one year.

Education: MS, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Employment experience: School administration; Military Liaison, USMC Civilian employee

Other offices held: none

Clubs, organizations and other affiliations: Oklahoma Coordinator My Faith Votes, Pittsburg County GOP

Family: Mark Gordon, husband

CANDIDATE QUESTIONS: Pamela Gordon for U.S. Congress D2

1 CORRUPTION. If it were conclusively proved that a sitting or former president, a Supreme Court justice, or a member of Congress were guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors" or worse, would you vote to impeach or otherwise punish that person, even if he or she is a member of your own party? Explain.

If they were decided to be guilty after a fair and transparent trial, then I could see voting for impeachment, but the political theater we've been forced to endure with the Jan 6th committee are an embarrassment, and its members should be thoroughly ashamed of their "production."

2 CAMPAIGN FINANCE/TERM LIMITS. Do you believe campaign finance reform is needed (especially related to "dark money"), or congressional term limits, or both? Explain.

I believe donations should only come from individuals who live in the district, and corporations/PACs/organizations should stay out of the candidate selection. I believe in three 2 year terms for Congress and two 6 Year terms for the Senate.

3 PARTISANSHIP. What could you and your party do, and what would you expect from the party in power, to bridge disagreements and pass important legislation?

My party owes OK2, It owes us great jobs, safe communities, and great opportunities to achieve the prosperity we dream of for our children. And, I cannot wait to show Congressional Leadership all we have to offer as a District, and just exactly what an investment in OK2 means!

4 ABORTION. Many believe Roe v. Wade will be overturned by SCOTUS. What exceptions should be made for women seeking abortion, if any, and should Congress or a doctor make that decision? What would you to do help girls and women raise their children?

Let me be clear, God is the giver of life and what he brings into existence, is not ours to encumber. I will never support abortion in any capacity.

5 NATIONAL PROBLEMS. What are the biggest failures of Congress and/or the president, from 2017 until now, and how would you work to overcome these? What about relationships with tribal governments?

Sovereignty has been declared by the Supreme Court of the United States, and It is up to the Congress to address the issue and broker a path forward for both the US and the Tribes.

6. LGBTQ ISSUES. Many states are passing legislation that LGBTQ persons and their advocates believe will strip their liberties. What laws should be passed (or rescinded) that might affect LGBTQ people and their allies?

To start, Title 9 needs to be amended to include a third lane for transgender athletes. There is no reason for a biological female to swim against someone who has male chromosomes, and until a permanent solution can be decided on, a third lane is needed.

7. ACCOUNTABILITY. Are you loyal to your party and/or the president, or would you put ALL your constituents first, regardless of your party or its leaders? Would you guarantee voters you would be accountable to the public and return calls from the media? Explain.

Donald Trump is an America First Populist, and that puts him in direct support of the working class. He has their back, and I have his. Liberty in 2022 has no other brand, I am a TRUMP Republican.

8. WORLD RELATIONSHIPS. How would you work to improve relationships with other countries, in terms of treaties, cooperative bodies and other matters? What about the current war in Ukraine; what role, if any, should the U.S. play? Climate change?

I'll be frank, we cannot even begin to think of supporting Ukraine when we can't even secure our own southern border. I am truly unphased by America's Reputation on the world stage, because our government should exist to serve its citizens regardless of how it may make any other nation feel.

9. GUNS. In light of recent shootings, there has been much discussion about the possible need for more regulations. What level of regulations would you accept, if any? Explain.

The answer to this issue is to allow more 'Good Guys' to have guns than bad. I do not support any law or regulation that limits the sale, production, or possession of ANY weapon (especially the AR style rifles) because my right to self defence is granted by God almighty and outlined clearly in the US Constitution.

10. ECONOMY. What steps would you support taking immediately to ease economic woes of the American people? How can the U.S. best curb inflation?

Step 1 is to open the Keystone Pipeline and resume drilling in Anwar. As we saw with President Trump, Energy Independence is the foundation to a bold economy, especially here in Oil Country. Step 2 is to form an OK2 JOBS TASKFORCE comprising key job creators in each County that works DIRECTLY with my office on a weekly basis to identify and pursue opportunities for strategic economic growth.

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