An Arkansas woman has been charged with first-degree murder with deliberate intent for last month’s shooting of a Tahlequah man.

District Attorney Jack Thorp announced on Nov. 17 that Stephanie Ann Snow had shot and killed Ricky Arnold "unlawfully and with malice aforethought."

Cherokee County deputies were dispatched to North 530 Road on Oct. 11, most likely after Snow had called 911. Dispatch advised the woman was crying throughout the 18-minute call.

Deputy Tanner Hendley got to the house and found Snow sitting on the porch, and Arnold lying motionless on the ground.

Snow picked up a Bible and her phone and was escorted to Hendley’s patrol truck, where she was secured in the backseat. Hendley began CPR on Arnold after he observed a gunshot wound to the man's chest.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Deputy Ryan Patton arrived and were informed of the situation. Hendley requested a supervisor and EMS as Patton checked the inside of the house.

Patton said noticed blood droplets on the floor, and a straw-type object that contained a crystalline substance on a bed. There was also a smoking glass device used for methamphetamine.

When Patton informed Hendley there was a gunshot wound to Arnold’s head, CPR was discontinued. The man was pronounced dead a short time later.

When Hendley asked Snow where the gun was, she pointed to the middle of the yard and offered to show Hendley the location. Snow told deputies she was going to go look for the "screams," and that her children were "out there."

“I said, 'Watch the Bible, it will even protect a bullet.' I said, 'Please,' and I took the Bible and it protected it and it didn’t go through,” Snow told the deputy.

She added that she had asked the victim to "tell me those aren’t my children."

Arnold purportedly told her they were, in fact, her children, and said, "I’m gonna have to take the gun from you."

"And so I said, 'Please don’t,' and he kept coming toward me," Snow recalled.

Hendley noticed the Bible Snow was holding had a bullet hole in the front of it, so he took the book as evidence.

Snow was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where she asked for a lawyer before answering any questions.

According to online court records, Snow is represented by Rachel Dallis and is being held at CCDC without bond.

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