Court Report

Warranty Deeds

Glenna J. Edwards to Christopher Bailey.

Brian Denton to Brian Denton.

Michael J. Smith to Haley Lenae Walters.

Phyllis J. Harmon to Michael S. Riley Revocable Trust.

Janet Ross Smith to Jon Frankie.


Caleb Clayton - public intoxication.

Olivia L. Melton - driving while under the influence of alcohol and no driver's license.


Hal Thompson v. Title to boat - issuance of title.

Clayton Alexander Mathews v. In re the name change - name change.

Ron Thompson v. Title to motor vehicle - judgment.

Mike Eaton v. Title to commercial trailer - issuance of title.

Small Claims

Property Solutions Management v. Susan Howell, Ricky Howell, and all occupants - entry and detainer.

Sun Loan Company v. Linda Stacy - petition for judgment.

Sun Loan Company v. Christa Nacole Leblanc - petition for judgment.

Protective Orders

Lorry Dale Moore v. Fernando Lopez.


Charles Allen Allison II v. Kimberly Allison.

Austin Ward v. Meisha Ward.

Rachel Janelle Peters v. Billy Ray Peters.

Fire Runs

June 8

Tahlequah FD: 10:40 a.m., MVC, Downing Street and Bertha Parker Bypass.

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