Court Report

Warranty Deeds

John Kaiser to Matthew Dawson.

Phillip Scott Regelin to J.J. Snedden Revocable Trust.

Christi Dawn Anderson to Jose Zarate Romo.

Sandra Brandon to Heather Michelle Lee Grier.

Adam Douglas Yeager to Trux, LLC.

Michael Walter & Toni Marie Murphy Rev. Trust to Rosemary McCall.

Jessica Yates to Calvin Chandler.


Tulsa Teachers Credit Union v. Ronald Rigney - indebtedness.

Small Claims

Chaffin Rental v. Ruth Jones Goode and Sarah Webb - entry and detainer.

Chaffin Rental v. Sandra Bichell - entry and detainer.

Traffic Report

Destiny Kathryn Hamby - driving under revocation and no seat belt.

Trinity Jade Silva - no driver's license and no seat belt.

Gage Logan Gibson - no seat belt.

Hannah Nicole Cox - no seat belt.

Nikki Raye Nunez-Varela - no seat belt.

Eduardo M. Nunez - no seat belt.

Rex Allen Rector - following too closely.

Veronika Ann Williams - no seat belt.

Alysta Megan Espinal - no seat belt.

Brandon Lloyd Espinal - no seat belt.

Martin James Webb - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Timothy Paul Morgan - speeding 16-20 mph over and driving under suspension.

Shane Deluus Dalgarn Franz - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Pamela Jean Freeman - no seat belt.

Joshua Duane Spears - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Chazy Ahmad Aliya - driving left of center in marked zone.

Isaac Scott Latta - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Bret Allan Hughes - speeding 1-10 mph over and no seat belt.

David Alan Thornton - no seat belt.

Makala Ann Trott - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Robert Steve Leppke - speeding 16-20 mph over and no seat belt.

Melanie Lynn Legier - following too closely and failure to register used vehicle within 30 days.

Garrin Dewayne Blaylock - no seat belt.

Deanna Lynn Patterson - taxes due state.

Darian James Moore - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Lexi Marie Cook - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Edwin Romero - driving under suspension.

Cassie Leigh Gutierrez - failure to signal intent to change direction.

Jhani Renea Hardin - following too closely and no driver's license.

Shannon Malcolm Johnson - reckless driving.

Asia Lynne Lamberson - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Luis Carlos Torres - inattentive driving resulting in collision.

Ugochukwu Nwobosi - improper backing.

Matthew Paul Barnett - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Liberty Josephine Schrader - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Odom Winston Hoffman - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Alexander Miguel Hernandez - speeding 15 mph over.

Travis Joel Foster - no seat belt.

Chris Bouldin - no driver's license and no seat belt.

Hayden E. Napier - no driver's license.

Taylor Leann Davis - taxes due state.

Cole Alexander Bliss - no seat belt.

Dominic James Neet - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Norris Battiest - failure to maintain lane.

Robyn Ballard - failure to maintain lane.

Jonathan Perez - no driver's license and driving left of center in marked zone.

Phyllis Marie Watson - inattentive driving resulting in collision.

Joshua Matthew Tinsley - inattentive driving resulting in collision.

Breauna Taneal Shaw - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Brady Wayne Hullinger - speeding 21-25 mph over.

River Austin Frazier Free - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Stacey Smith - no seat belt.

Xu Lee - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Nathan Ray Musgrove - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Charles K. Chew - no driver's license.

Rhianna Renee Davis - no seat belt.

Randall Dean Knowles - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Dyan Austin Pettigrew - no seat belt.

Ka Hei Chan - speeding 31-35 mph over.

Marcus Kyle Stanley - speeding 16-20 mph over.

Austin Lee Guy - no seat belt and speeding 16-20 mph over.

Cheyenne Danielle Rush - speeding 15 mph over.

Ivan Sanchez Salazar - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Faron Wayne Davidson - no seat belt.

Daniel Franklin Wallace - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Jennifer Diane Brookshire - speeding 16-20 mph over, no security verification, and no driver's license.

Zachery Morgan Weeks - failure to obey traffic control device, speeding not reasonable and proper, operative a motor vehicle without driver's license in possession, and no security verification.

Amber Dawn Cox - no security verification.

Jeffrey Scott Bean - no seat belt.

Christopher Brandon Bean - no seat belt.

Erwin John Starts - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Shane Glen Roberson - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Matthew Brian Mannan - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Nikki Thi Tran - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Donald Vernon Sellman - driving under revocation and no seat belt.

William Knight - no seat belt.

Larry Gene Warnock - speeding 1-10 mph over.

William Earl Stacy - driving left of center in marked zone.

Daniel Dwayne Cobb - no seat belt.

Fire Runs

July 15

Tahlequah FD: 3:38 p.m., fire alarm, 591 Pendleton St.

Tahlequah FD: 4:08 p.m., MVA, Fourth Street and Muskogee Avenue.

Tahlequah FD: 11:19 p.m., EMS assist, 2101 Larry Ave.

July 16

Tahlequah FD: 1:42 a.m., odor investigation, 342 S. Morris Ave.

Tahlequah FD: 9:26 a.m., CO2 test, 526 Fuller St.

Death Notices

YAZZIE, Jolene J, 31. Died June 1. Memorial service, July 22, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m., Abundant Life Fellowship.

CAVINESS, Lisa Jean (Garner), 54, Tahlequah, store manager. Died July 15. Funeral service, July 19, 1 p.m., Green Country Funeral Home.

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