Court Report

Warranty Deeds

Connie Jean Bolay to Sidney Bolay.

ABC Homes of Oklahoma, LLC to Jennifer Willis.

Michael Main to Rick Hockett.


In the matter of v. Noriyah Fish - issuance of title.

Arvest Bank v. James E. Beck, Chasity Beck, Cherokee Nation Economic Development, Oklahoma Tax Commission, Arkansas Valley Petroleum, LLC, Cherokee County Treasurer, and Beck Holdings, LLC - foreclosure.

Traffic Report

Matthew Tray Cordell - no seat belt.

Brisceila Eligio - speeding 15 mph over.

Destiny Lee Taylor - speeding 1-10 mph over and no seat belt.

Skylar M. Reheard - driving left of center.

Reinhold E. Doerfert - no driver’s license.

Brittney Jo Biles - no driver’s license.

Jenna Leanne Kelley - following too closely.

Alexander Spencer - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Ricky Lee Johnson - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Skyla Lorain McCoy - no seat belt.

Lisa Kay Gann - speeding 15 mph over.

Indy Demetrio Hicks - speeding 15 mph over.

Jeremy Wayne Gass - no child restraint.

Kristien M. Curl - speeding 26-30 mph over.

Wendy Lea Phillips - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Edward Burnett Blanchard - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Ricky Don Mathers - failure to yield from stop sign.

Tyge Lamar T. Cole - speeding 36 mph or more over.

Mary Martha Taylor - no seat belt.

Christopher R. Shomo - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Mitchell A. Selvidge - driving under revocation.

Lane Jackson Matlock - failure to yield from stop sign.

Jorge Martin Escobedo - no driver’s license, speeding 21-25 mph over, and no security verification.

Wacey Linn Burke - no seat belt.

Kayla Dawn Faglie - no seat belt.

Cody Ray Larchey - no seat belt, taxes due state, and no security verification.

Heather Gayle Willis - no seat belt.

Shawna Lynn Rogers - no seat belt.

Jason Matthew Weeks - no seat belt.

Priscilla Francine Mouse - no seat belt.

Daniel Casey Bales - no seat belt.

Chad Allen Adair - no seat belt and driving under suspension.

Levi Edward Hammer - no seat belt.

Mindy Rae Wyckoff - driving under suspension.

Tina Cathleen Hillier - no seat belt.

Breanna R. Lessard - no seat belt.

James Cecilio Pacheco - no seat belt.

Marlen Ramirez - no seat belt.

Sara Ann Riggs - no seat belt.

Sally Elizabeth Wilder - no seat belt.

Rachel Lauren Renfro - no seat belt.

Bobby Noel Spradlin - no seat belt.

Thomas Kyle Collins - no seat belt and material improperly placed on vehicle windows.

Patrick Charles Solomon - no seat belt.

Sandra Denise Lietch - no seat belt.

Jessie Nicole Little - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Bora Tiem - failure to wear personal flotation device.

Andrew Aaron Kohler - speeding 15 mph over.

Kadance Renee Haney - speed not reasonable and proper.

Jordan Elizabeth Coffelt - no seat belt. and no child restraint.

Kevin Samuel Walp - no seat belt.

Mildred Nadene Acuff - no seat belt.

Kage D. Stelle - no seat belt.

Cortney Rae Merriman - speeding 21-25 mph over.

Mia Elizabeth Moran - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Michael Kent McGavock - speeding 1-10 mph over.

Fire Runs

July 30

Tahlequah FD: 7:45 a.m., gas odor, Ballentine Road and Muskogee Avenue.

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