EVERYDAY HEROES: Multitasking HPS staffer enjoys adding new roles

Tyler Teague, right, teaches at and drives a bus route for Hulbert Public Schools. He lives in Tahlequah with his son Thunder, left, and wife Kylea.

Tyler Teague, 28, moved to Tahlequah from Norman in 2012, and received his bachelor's degree in history from Northeastern State University in 2017.

"I had decided that, after college, I'd love to settle down right here in Cherokee County. I now reside on the west side of Tahlequah," he said.

Before he received his position as a certified teacher, Teague was a route bus driver. He continues driving a bus, but he has taught social studies at Hulbert High School for the past three years.

"Education always will be an essential part of civic development, and invaluable to the advancement of meaningful knowledge and virtue within our great society," said Teague. "While the pandemic has been a challenging event for nearly every community around the world, here in Hulbert, the community has been very patient and willing to work through the nuances and challenges that might come to a head in regard to blended/distance learning."

Hulbert Public Schools has a campuswide mask mandate, so all students, faculty, and staff must wear facial coverings while attending school or school-sponsored events.

"Our administrators have done their best to facilitate the mitigation of COVID-19 on our campus," said Teague.

Teague is a sixth-grade class sponsor, a member of Reaching Our Hulbert Community and a sponsor for Student Wellness Action Team, as well as for Students Taking Active Roles in Society. Both student-led organizations that seek to promote healthy and active lifestyles within the community.

"Most of what I normally do has changed substantially to accommodate for CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] recommendations for mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand-washing. Many of the organizational gatherings have been postponed or drastically reduced due to the number of members that typically attend meetings/events," said Teague. "Since we have had relatively low numbers of COVID cases in the Hulbert area, we have been able to conduct our first meetings for ROHC and SWAT of the school year. We have had to separate the meetings, and look forward to doing more volunteer projects this spring."

Along with some minor football coaching duties, Teague has been working with Greg Bilby on his announcing skills to help with athletic events.

Teague lives with his wife, Kylea, and their 2-year-old son, Thunder. When he goes home, he will get out of his work clothes, wash his hands, arms and face before kissing his wife and hugging his son.

"They had quarantined for nearly five months without leaving the house last spring, then began to leave the house cautiously - wearing masks and practicing social distancing - during the late summer," said Teague.

A hobby Teague enjoys is gardening.

"I've been reading up and working on my horticultural skills. I'm not yet the greatest, but my plants are all still alive and bloom the most beautiful flowers," he said. "I enjoy playing with my four dogs, Lorrie, Xenia, Copper, and Todd. I enjoy visiting with my mom, Sunny Jones, and my grandfather, Fred Jones, both of whom live here in Tahlequah as well."

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