Father, son charged with kidnapping and assault

Nick Mabray

A father and son have been arrested after allegedly kidnapping and assaulting another man.

On Jan 6, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Pete Broderick was dispatched to Park Hill on a report of a disturbance. When the deputy arrived at the Mabray Ranch, he could see what appeared to be two vehicles crashed just inside the front gate.

“As I walked toward the vehicles, I observed Jarrett Hutton exit the rear passenger door of Nick Mabray’s truck,” Broderick stated in the report. “Hutton had a noticeable head injury and he was asking for help. “I then observed Nick Mabray exit the driver’s door and Gene Mabray exit the front passenger-side door of the same truck.”

Hutton was visibly shaken and reported that Nick hit him with a rifle and that he was in fear for his life. Nick and Gene were both detained and Broderick asked dispatch to send another deputy to his location.

“While restraining Nick, he immediately stated that Hutton was not allowed to be on the property without a Writ of Assistance,” Broderick said. “Nick then stated that he, in fact, struck Hutton with a firearm in the head for trespassing.”

Hutton said he is contracted through the bank that owns the property. He explained he was on the property to collect photos from deer cameras he had set up for the bank. Hutton added that he was leaving the property when Nick arrived in a truck and headed toward him at a high rate of speed.

“Hutton stated that he went to pull off the driveway to the right side as if he was going to pull over to speak to Nick. However, Nick did not stop and turned toward his Ford truck and rammed his vehicle,” said Broderick.

Hutton pulled out his phone to call 911 when Nick approached the vehicle, pointed a gun at him, and demanded he get out of the vehicle.

According to the report, Gene forced Hutton out of the vehicle and took his cell phone and firearm from his pocket. Hutton said Nick began hitting him several times with the barrel of the rifle.

“Hutton stated that Nick and Gene then forced him to the ground as Nick continued to hit Hutton in the head with the rifle. Nick also stomped on his head with his foot. While Hutton was on the ground, Nick put his foot on Hutton’s neck and jaw, all while threatening to kill him,” said Broderick.

The victim said he was forced to lie on the ground for several minutes. Hutton said a family member showed up and was told of the situation.

“The male subject was informing Nick and Gene they just needed to kill Hutton and dump him and his truck into the lake,” said Broderick. “Hutton stated that the male subject took the black rifle used to attack him, and some papers in a folder from Nick and then drove off leaving the property."

Hutton said Nick allowed him to stand up and insisted that he get in his truck. While in the truck, the family member returned and Hutton said he learned someone had contacted the sheriff’s office.

“Hutton stated that while in the truck, Nick and Gene were informing him that he needed to stick to the story that Nick had made up,” said Broderick. “Hutton stated that he was agreeing to the story as he was in fear for his life.”

Nick and Gene were transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked.

Nick was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, interrupting an emergency telephone call, and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Gene was charged with robbery by force, kidnapping, and interrupting an emergency telephone call.

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