Campers from the “Bookworm Camp,” sponsored by Northeastern State University get a chance to ask some serious magic questions to the wizards from Hogwarts. Photo by Travina Coleman

It’s good to know that the next generation hasn’t been engulfed in the mega media blitz of reality that we have today.

They actually still enjoy reading – on paper.

More than 11 children signed up for the Northeastern State University’s Centennial Camp 4 Kids “Bookworm Camp.”

This week the camp is focused on reading and the art included in books.

Camp instructor Lynne Arterberry said she likes including a little bit of everything into this camp.

“We have arts, science, math and literature in this week,” she said.

“We will even be making origami.”

Arterberry, librarian for Sequoyah Elementary School, said she brought along several books for the children to read, in case they hadn’t read some of them.

Most of the campers said they prefer novels or “chapter books.”

Daria Kuhns, 10, of Tahlequah said she really enjoys reading Harry Potter books.

“My favorite book is ‘Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox’,” Kuhns said.

Other than the popular series, “Twilight,” or “Harry Potter,” most of the campers still enjoy the classics, like Dr. Seuss, or Beverly Cleary’s “Ramona” books, well written words are still capturing the attention of the children here.

Britni Rohling, 11, of Locust Grove, has been attending all the Centennial camps so far.

“I like them and it gives me something to do,” she said. “I don’t really like to read, but I am getting better at here. Plus I get to meet new friends.”

Braelyn Hail, 9, of Tahlequah is reading “Flat Stanley,” at the camp, but is in the middle of “New Moon,” the second installment in the “Twilight” series.

“I really like the books,” she said.

And her favorite character?

“Bella,” she said. “It’s kind of sad, she had to get seven stitches after she hurt herself on her motorcycle.”

And none of the “Twilight” fans could decide which character was cuter, Jacob or Edward.

Isaac Dorsey, 12, of Antlers said he is here in Tahlequah visiting his grandmother, Victoria Snider.

“I like to read and this is a fun class,” he said. “It’s better than sitting around and doing nothing.”

Like Dorsey, Claude Baluh, 11, is far from home, although not as far as Antlers.

Baluh is from Tulsa, and he said that the camp is more like a class, but that’s fine with him.

“I like it,” he said. “I like to read fiction books, mostly about fantasy.”

Rachel Archer, 10, said she enjoys reading mysteries and of course anything Harry Potter. “If it’s a mystery I will read it,” she said.

For Cortney Cox, 13, reading is more than something to take up her free time.

“I think reading is very important,” Cox said. “I like all sorts of books but I love to read because I think it will help me become a successful person.”

Eden Fuller, 11, said she like horror books. But her favorite author is Bill Wallace. “I like him because I really liked ‘Coyote Autumn,’” she said. “Plus if I didn’t come to Bookworm camp, my friend Britni would be very lonely.”

Delton Tschida, 10, is from Fort Gibson and he also likes chapter books.

“I like anything that takes some time to read,” he said.

For 8 year-old, Samantha Lane, Junie B. Jones is the all-time favorite.

“I love Junie B. Jones,” Lane said. “But I also like Harry Potter.”

And it’s a good thing all the campers enjoy Harry Potter books. In the first day of the camp, they already constructed magic wands, and they will have a Potter party, not to mention they will also see the newest Potter release, “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.”

Kailey McDaniel, 7, said she loves Dr. Seuss.

“I think he’s funny,” she said. “I like how he makes up words and animals.”

But like all the other campers, McDaniel said she can’t wait for the new Harry Potter movie to be released.

“My mom really wanted me to see it,” she said.

But the icing on the cake was when McDaniel arrived finding a book she was hoping to read.

“I found ‘The Tale of Despereaux,’” she said. “And my dream came true.”


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