For July 2019, Nasturtium Garden Club gave the Business Landscape Awards to two Main Street businesses: Shelter Insurance Agent Trae Ratliff, at 526 S. Muskogee Ave.; and Vidalia's Café and Catering, owned by Michelle Naylor, at 319 N. Muskogee Ave.

Ratliff offers auto, home and life policies for Shelter Insurance.

"He is a big supporter of trees, flowers and landscapes in our town, and has done is part by beautifying the curbside at his business," said Sandy Fitzgerald, chair of the Business Landscape Committee. "When driving along, one is delighted with the mini-garden that extends the length of his business facade."

The observer is greeted by purple spiky salvia, yellow and orange lantana, lime and purple potato vine, umbrella plants, corn flowers, coral bells, and gold mound spirea. The garden continues around the side of the building with pink, red and white dianthus, a deep purple spike, a yellow squash vine, and a hosta tucked into the middle of the garden.

Continuing north toward "old town," there is a Main Street curbside garden with Vidalia's written on the garden sign, and more coordinated plantings continue along the front of the business on the sidewalk. What caught the Business Landscape Committee's attention were the three giant cobalt blue pots decorating the sidewalk café area. These pots are full of cascading purple heart, yellow creeping Jenny, pink sun impatiens, and tall purple spike.

The combination of colors really pops in sun or shade, according to Fitzgerald. Naylor said they are "watering themselves silly" as pots tend to dry out fast in the summer. Vidalia's Café specializes in sandwiches, spuds, salads, and desserts, and they offer a kids' menu.

"Thanks, Shelter Insurance and Vidalia's, for doing your part to make Tahlequah more beautiful," said Fitzgerald.

To suggest businesses for an award, call any of the following: 509-990-9052, 918-456-0814, or 918-931-1075.