A Hulbert man reportedly sent alarming text messages last week before he took his own life.

On Sept. 12, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was dispatched to an address in Hulbert on a report of a dispute and possible suicide. Dispatch notified him a man had hanged himself and CPR was being performed.

Dreadfulwater said he arrived at the residence while EMS was performing CPR on Michael Umphrey.

Responders hooked him up to a cardiac machine and pronounced him dead a few minutes later.

Umphrey's girlfriend told deputies the two had gotten into a physical altercation and she was asked to leave. Umphrey packed some of his belongings as well, and she was under the impression he had left.

Umphrey then sent her text messages that asked her to tell his kids he loved them and that when she found him at the house, it would be too late. She texted him twice before she called her mother to come pick her up.

When her mother got to the house, she informed the daughter that Umphrey's vehicle was still at the residence. When the girlfriend noticed he had not read her two texts, the two began looking for him.

The girlfriend looked around back of the house and found him sitting in a chair with a cable around his neck.

She told deputies she thought he was pretending until she noticed he wasn't breathing or responding.

"She told me Michael and her suffer from drug addiction and that Michael had depression and suicidal behaviors before," Dreadfulwater said in the report.

Umphrey has drug charges going back to 2003 in Mayes and Creek counties, as well as a 2013 bust in Cherokee County for endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance.

After the Medical Examiner's Office responded, Umphrey's body was released to Reed-Culver Funeral Home.

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