A new local group for the “gothically-inclined” met for the first time May 22 to socialize and celebrate World Goth Day.

Moonlit Mirrors Goth Social Club was created by Tahlequah resident Riley Young, who said the organization is for anyone who is goth, alternative, or enjoys the “weird and darkly beautiful.”

Young said the purpose of this first meeting was to figure out what the club will be doing, going forward.

“I will also be seeing if there is interest in monthly informal meetings to talk about art and encourage each other in our creative endeavors,” said Young before the meeting began.

Attendees got to know one another Monday evening in the Tahlequah Public Library’s Rawls Room. Snacks and coloring sheets featuring gothic imagery, like cats and potion bottles, were provided.

Many attendees identified as goth or said they were into gothic fashion, music, or the macabre. Among those is local resident Mars Childress.

“Before I came in, I was listening to an audiobook about death rituals around the world,” said Childress.

Childress explained what being goth means, on a personal level.

“It’s about appreciating the dark things. Everything is a balance of light and dark. We don’t get the full picture unless we learn about the dark, too,” said Childress.

Childress said fashion and music have a lot to do with goth culture, and there is also some overlap with the punk subculture.

“Punk can be political, which is important to me,” said Childress.

Childress said spaces like Moonlit Mirrors can be a good ways to meet people with an appreciation for these topics.

Young’s brother and sister-in-law – Nicholas Young and Katelyn Ryan, respectively – also came to the meeting.

“We thought it’d be fun and we know the owner,” said Ryan.

Young said he intends for the club to be supportive and casual, as well as a place for people with any level of interest in crafts, music, writing, and art to pursue those interests.

“I’m very into encouraging creative endeavors,” said Young.

Young has some ideas in mind for future club activities.

“Right now I have a handful of events in mind, such as a summertime event in the park themed around 1980s horror, an All-Hallow’s Read book exchange around Halloween, and a [Charles] Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ Victorian haunting event in November or December,” said Young.

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Young said the best way for those interested in Moonlit Mirrors to contact him is through Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090735424457. The club is also online on Instagram at instagram.com/moonlit_mirrors; and on Tumblr at tumblr.com/blog/moonlit-mirrors.

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