HPS board honors Rider Mammas

The Above and Beyond Award was presented to the Rider Mommas during the recent Hulbert Public Schools Board of Education meeting for the group's actions in helping students and teachers. Present were, front row from left: Shasta Qualls, Board of Education member; Shasta Teague, Rider Momma; Sis Hubbard, Rider Momma; and Rachel Dallis, BOE Member. In back: Marty Wynn, BOE member.

By Renee Fite


HULBERT - Honors were part of the regular meeting of the Hulbert Public Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday, Nov. 11, in the auditorium.

"A lot of honors go to the Rider Mammas, who go above and beyond," said Superintendent Scott Kempenich. "They organize before the games and take care of the players with a meal, and whatever is needed, and show appreciation for staff members and teachers."

A discussion was held about having a limited open campus as an award-based incentive.

"We'll do our homework and research what is working for other schools," said Kempernich. "Since the board is in favor, we'll look at how students can leave campus for lunch with plenty of restrictions. It won't happen soon, but we'll work toward a game plan."

Kempernich also acknowledged how proud he was of the students leading the Veterans Day program on Monday.

"It was my first time to see the veterans program. The FFA students group led the assembly, under the direction of David Bowman," Kempernich said.

Leadership is important, he said.

"We often focus on academics, and that's important, but we also have a responsibility to help students develop the confidence and skills that come with leadership and being part of the community," said Kempernich.

A professional development team of teachers was established, featuring Lacy Graalfs, Susan Young, Aubree Korts, Lyndsi Gaylor, Nick Pruitt, Rachel Buford, and Chad Botts.

Approved fundraisers included a 5K Jingle Bell Jog for baseball; the selling of pretzel rods and tickets for a Rider quilt for grade 8; country meats smokes snack sticks sales, pop and drink sales, a movie night and a Christmas dance for grade 10; and country market collection sales for grade 11.

In other business, next year's board meeting dates were approved, as were the following teachers: Tyler Teague for world history, and Mickey McGowan for geometry.

What's next

The next regular meeting of the Hulbert Public Schools Board will be Monday, Dec. 9, at 5:30 p.m.

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