HULBERT - The Hulbert High School boys' basketball team will have an updated and relocated locker room, thanks to the Booster Club.

This was among the business of the Hulbert School Board during a regular meeting Monday night.

"The Booster Club has funds and the estimate is $11,000 to move and update the locker room, if you approve," said Superintendent Scott Kempenich. "They have more than that in their account to cover costs if they go over."

It will be moved to the east home side, Kempenich said.

The consent agenda passed, which included general booking business, such as the monthly financial report; minutes from the last meeting and a special meeting in August; a request to increase Purchase Order 33 from $1,000 to $1,066.88; and general fund, building fund, and child nutrition fund encumbrances.

A Financial Advisory Services agreement with Bank of Oklahoma Financial Securities Inc. was approved in connection with the district's General Obligation Bonds on the superintendent's recommendation.

"We're at the halfway mark through our bond, and I recommend FAS. It will save us money with a 1 percent fee that we pay only if the bond passes," he said.

Kellogg and Sovereign were approved as the new E-Rate Management adviser.

"They're the experts in the field," said Kempenich.

A new safety measure the superintendent encouraged the board to pass is using Rave Panic Button.

"The Legislature passed this over the summer," he said. "It's an app we put on our phone. It sends Google Maps a location of our school that I choose and when employees are on campus, a button comes on. Only on school campus, not when they're off."

The app allows teachers to push it in a classroom to alert 911, he explained.

"I'd like to utilize this and see if it works for our school and our teachers," Kempenich said.

The board agreed.

A number of fundraisers were approved, including painting senior students parking spaces; Student Council cookies and homecoming T-shirts; socks for volleyball; popcorn, stocking caps and a 50/50 BB raffle for slowpitch; T-shirts for fastpitch; Backwoods Food for seventh grade; Blue and Gold; 50/50 raffle at home football games; BBQ sandwich drive and Indian taco labor drive for Future Farmers of America; and World's Finest Chocolate for e-sports.

What's next

The Hulbert School Board of Education meets the second Monday of each month. The next meeting is Oct. 14 at 5:30 p.m. at the Hulbert Public Schools Auditorium.

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