HULBERT – Problems with Small Arrow Engineering continue for the Hulbert Public Works Authority.

HPWA terminated its contract with Small Arrow Engineering and with Ralph Handlin, HPWA’s engineer, who also worked for Small Arrow.

HPWA received a statement from Small Arrow for multiple services and trips, which the trustees said Handlin performed on behalf of HPWA’s gas company, not Small Arrow.

Small Arrow also added fees for services dealing with the concrete bridge project, though Small Arrow never had a contract with HPWA for that particular project.

“I just think the whole thing is unjustified and the charges are bogus,” said Leona Welch, city clerk. “If I had to pay them anything, it wouldn’t be more than $345.”

Trustee George Truitt said he would not have a problem for paying for the mileage Handlin incurred while working for HPWA, but Small Arrow should not be receiving any mileage.

Welch said HPWA should not have to pay for the mileage for Handlin to drive to his home in Missouri and back, even if it did go to Handlin.

Rick Lee, HPWA supervisor, said almost all of the invoices were in connection with the concrete bridge project. HPWA has not contracted that out, but tabled the issue at a previous meeting.

“I don’t think we owe anything,” said Trustee Kenneth Fore.

The board moved to deny the invoices until Small Arrow could prove the charges with a contract.

Later during the meeting, Lee brought a letter from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, stating the cost of the 14-Mile Creek Project could not exceed $48,100.

The letter was sent for the trustees to sign after ODOT received a letter from HPWA explaining the project’s change in engineer.

The $24,000 paid to Small Arrow for its services is included in that amount.

“They just basically said they are going to start over,” said Lee.

Truitt said he could not understand why the project would need to basically start from the beginning if the information from Small Arrow had already been paid for, which meant HPWA should be able to use the information and plans Small Arrow formulated while under contract.

“Small Arrow was way over paid for what they had done at 14-Mile Creek,” said Lee.

Welch told the board information that had been gathered may still need to be redone, according to ODOT’s standards.

“They weren’t happy with what Ralph gave them, anyway,” said Welch.

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