HULBERT – Ongoing renovations on a ditch by a veterans' monument at the edge of the Hulbert city limits were discussed during a meeting Thursday night, Jan. 9.

Trustee Jim Morgan asked for an update regarding the work needed on the ditch by the monument at the edge of town.

Police Chief Casey Rowe provided the information.

"The cost is about $5,000. We talked to County Commissioner Mike Brown, and he was going to pay $2,500 and we would pay $2,500," said Rowe. "But after talking to Oklahoma Department of Transportation, we've decided to wait. We're going to make a better ditch toward the Kirkpatricks', remove some trees, and it will cost about $500."

Trustee Tristan Brave said the tin horn will also need to be replaced because the area floods.

Brave explained more about the work via phone on Friday.

"With the ditch, State Highway 51 Y's off with Hulbert Landing Road and, in the corner of that Y, we have a Veterans Park. On the Hulbert Landing Road side of the park, there is a ditch that has held water for as long as I can remember," said Brave, who grew up in Hulbert.

The original plan to fix this issue was to bore under S.H. 51 and connect the ditch at the Veterans Park to the ditch on the north side of S.H. 51. The ditch on the north side has a good drainage system, he said.

"The problem with this plan is, about 10-20 yards before the turn-off for Hulbert Landing Road, there is Wilson Road, currently a dirt road with a water crossing, but it connects Highway 51 with Highway 80," said Brave. "As of now, ODOT is in the workings to turn that stretch of Wilson into the intersection for 51 and 80. The road that is there already is a little narrow, and has some issues, so the state is looking to take the new road more on one side or the other of Wilson."

He said that with Wilson and Hulbert Landing roads so close, they can't be sure what the state is going to do.

"It could affect the bore, so we have a new plan. We will fix the ditch and drain the water west down the north side of Hulbert Landing Road for a few hundred yards. It will run into a small runoff branch; at that point, it crosses under Hulbert Landing Road, and continues west through a small creek," said Brave.

Where the Kirkpatricks' driveway comes in, when the water crosses Hulbert Landing Road, it makes a sharp turn right, then runs under their driveway into the creek. The water that already crosses the road gets backed up and floods the road, said Brave.

"The tinhorn in the driveway is either too small or too high, and causes the backup. With draining the park into that water, it will increase the amount of water flooding the roadway, so we must fix the drainage at his driveway, as well. From his driveway, it goes straight into a small creek, but its banks are high, so it handles the water well," said Brave.

What's next

The next regular meeting is Thursday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. at the City Offices building downtown.

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