HULBERT – To prepare for students to resume classes, the Hulbert Public School Board held a meeting to vote on the Return to Learn proposal and on the hiring of a new coach.

The board approved the Return to Learn plan, which will offer three paths for education: traditional/remote, blended, and virtual. Members have also opted to move the start back date to Aug. 27 to allow teachers to prepare for challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Like other school districts, we are also awaiting the necessary technology,” said Superintendent Jolyn Choate.

Hulbert requires more hardware before it can implement all proposed changes, but teacher and administrators plan to be ready by their start date.

HPS is working to ensure school safety while implementing its traditional/remote path by implementing safety procedures. Students will return to school in a traditional format, but they will be required to wear masks on the bus. Depending on the community spread of the disease, they may be required to wear masks in class as well.

They will resume normal operations when zero to low cases of COVID-19 exist in the community, but they will switch to virtual or remote learning for all students when there is medium to high community spread.

The school board has asked parents to monitor their students by taking their temperatures at home daily. Students will not be permitted in the building with a temperature over 100 degrees without medicine. They will not be penalized for such absences, and will be expected, when possible, to learn remotely on days when they have any symptoms of illness.

Remote and in-person learning will be synchronized in a format known in other districts as HyFlex. This will allow students the tools to miss class when needed.

Blended learning will require a semester commitment and will combine traditional classes with virtual coursework. Student learning plans will be directed and monitored by Hulbert teachers, and at least one course will be taken on campus. The majority of classes will be virtual. Certain courses may incur a fee, and an application will be required.

Virtual learning will also require a semester’s commitment, but all courses will be taken online. Students will have learning plans directed and monitored by Hulbert Public School teachers, and like blended students, courses may incur a fee, and students will have to apply.

HPS is also preparing its counseling services to promote the socio-emotional well-being of students.

“We realize there are so many levels of anxiety, worry, and unknowns,” said Choate.

She has assured parents that counselors and teachers will be in a position to help students and families struggling with this transition.

The board also approved the hiring of a part-time teacher, Breanna Hill, who will serve as the head volleyball, girls' track, and assistant basketball coach.

What's next

The next Hulbert School Board meeting will be Monday, Aug. 10, at 5:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

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