Hulbert trustees

Marc Herringshaw explain his trash services to the Hulbert Board of Trustees. Among the meeting attendees were, from left: Herringshaw, Kimberly Boston, and Hulbert Police Department Chief Casey Rowe.

HULBERT - The Hulbert Public Works Authority Board of Trustees approved a contract with a new trash provider Thursday night.

The board chose not to renew a trash contract with Oklahoma Production Center due to complaints from residents and sporadic trash pickups. Marc Herringshaw was there to represent his business, Herringshaw Waste Management & Recycling.

"We're not a multimillion-dollar national corporation; it's just a small family business that has had some amazing opportunities to expand," said Herringshaw.

Trustees expressed eagerness for Herringshaw's services to begin as soon as possible. He told the trustees when they tell him when to show up, he will have his trucks there.

The board must give OPC a 30-day notice before its dumpsters are pulled. Once that happens, Herringshaw will sign the new contract and begin services.

"If we needed to in the time frame of delivering the switch-outs from the dumpsters, they would provide a bigger container," said Kimberly Boston.

Herringshaw said he can provide the city with roll-off services or a town cleanup until they can receive all necessary equipment. He said his crew will be able to pick up all of Hulbert trash in just one day.

"I don't see any reason why they couldn't knock it out in a day," said Herringshaw. "I think we were talking about 200 stops total - 50 dumpsters with 150 residents. Braggs is about 150 stops, and you've got two guys on a truck who knock it out in six or seven hours."

The new one-year contract will be drawn up at the next meeting. Herringshaw will sign and begin duties no later than Sept. 1.

During the Hulbert Board of Trustees meeting, the naming of streets in a new addition by Cherokee Nation was approved, with Mayor Shirley Teague motioning and Trustee Jim Morgan seconding.

Hastings Avenue will run east to west and Rogers Avenue will be north and south.

Trustee Tristan Brave was absent.

What's next

The next regular meeting of the Hulbert Board of Trustees is August 8 at 6 p.m., at the Hulbert Town Hall building.