December was slow for work orders but big on talk about the Christmas parade at the Hulbert Public Works Authority and Town of Hulbert Trustees meeting on Thursday, Jan. 9.

"I thought everyone did a great job on the Christmas parade. It was really, really nice and the Clauses greatly appreciated their thank you," said Mayor Shirley Teague.

Public Works Superintendent Justin Hamby gave his monthly report, citing a slow month with 85 work orders. They set five gas meters; had two checks for leaks; turned on 10 meters and four off; replaced 25 indexes; and had 66 gas locates. As for water, there were 10 work orders with five turn-ons, three turn-offs, a pulled meter, and a fixed water leak.

The water department serves the town and Wildwood area, and the gas system reaches to part of Fort Gibson, Taylor Ferry, the Wildwood area, and near Tahlequah, where construction is currently being done.

Resurface work by the Cherokee Nation is set to begin soon on Grace Huddlin Road, as all the utilities are being relocated, including phone lines.

"They'll lay over and fix drainage, but the road won't be widened. People don't want anyone taking their property," said Hamby.

The mayor noted it is much needed, and the road is worn out.

There is talk of Cook Construction shooting a commercial there using the bore machine, according to Hamby.

Construction of eight senior citizen houses by the Cherokee Nation, behind the post office, is ongoing, with the first nearing completion.

The water plant, which was struck by lightening a few weeks ago, was only out of commission two days, but repairs continue. Rural Water District 11 was used in the interim. Electricians have been hired, reported Hamby.

An automated meter reader system was tabled until a bid is received from a second company. The company that took over for the original one that installed the system in 2011, and later filed bankruptcy, is providing the service.

Fire Chief Kenneth Fore reported seven medical runs. Police Chief Casey Rowe reported three county calls, eight impounds, 236 contacts, and nine arrests - two males and seven females. Rowe said he turned in the 10-year report.

Trustee Jim Morgan praised the chief for going a good job.

A bid is being taken for the city offices building roof.

"It has an area where the decking is soft and buckling," said Rowe.

What's next

The next Hulbert Public Works Authority and Town of Hulbert Trustees meeting is set for Feb. 13 beginning at 6 p.m.

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