Hunter's Home brimming with spooky history, stories

Jennifer Fraze, an historical interpreter at Hunter’s home, prepares to begin a tour of the building for a new twist on the annual Ghost Stories event. The online-only tour consisted of numerous stories and a history of the building.

In order to remain active and engaged through the Halloween season, Hunter's Home has changed some things around because of the pandemic.

On Friday, the team at Hunter's Home put together a tour of the historic house, along with scary ghost stories, for their private Facebook group. The tour focused on the interior of the house, which was built in 1845, as well as the exterior.

According to the Hunter's Home website, it is the only remaining plantation home in Oklahoma from before the Civil War. Throughout the year, the home serves as a gateway to what life would have been like on a Cherokee plantation 175 years ago. During October, however, the team at Hunter's Home share information and stories about alleged ghosts within the property.

During the tour, Jennifer Frazee, historical interpreter at Hunter's Home, showed off the interior of the house while telling tales of ghost sightings and other creepy situations.

"Normally we would be doing a history tour where we talk about all of the different things that go on out here," said Frazee at the beginning of the tour. "Today, rather, we are going to go from room to room and point out some areas where [paranormal] things are happening."

The first room of the tour was the parlor of the home. This room, along with many of the others in the home, has a history of supernatural sightings.

"This is the room where they have had sightings of [spirit] orbs in the cameras that we have throughout," said Frazee. "People who come into this room sometimes get a cold chill down their backs. Some people have even mentioned seeing people in the windows."

Later on in the tour, Frazee took the viewers up to the bedroom of Mary Jane, a woman who allegedly gave birth to a son in that room. In order to appease any spirits, they have set up toys and games for a child to enjoy. According to Frazee, there have been many stories and accounts from people standing underneath the room hearing odd sounds from the bedroom above.

"People have heard stories of folks that were downstairs that hear footsteps running across the floors," said Fraze. "They would come up to check what was going on, but there was absolutely nobody here."

Fraze also stated that people have taken pictures in the room where a figure can be seen standing by the window, bending over as if they are tending to someone.

There were many more stories shared throughout the tour, as well. For those that would like access to the entire tour and to the other videos and projects Hunter's Home have been putting out, call Hunter's Home at 918-456-2751. For $10, buyers will have access to a private Facebook group with story readings, tours, recipes, and other exclusive events. All of these will remain on the private page until Nov. 3.

Each month, Hunter's Home will offer a new theme for the stories and activities shared in the group. Interested parties can subscribe for access for $10 a month. An email address is required.

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