Friday, January 10, 2020


Hello Neighbors, Friends and Team,

Rainfall is continuing to fall this evening… the National Weather Service/Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center-Tulsa has made minor adjustments to projected crests for the Illinois River.

Moderate flooding is still anticipated for the Illinois River

Minor flooding is projected for the Flint Creek and Barren Fork Creek

Revised Projected Crests and Times:

· Watts Gage-US59 Highway Bridge, 21.0ft Crest on Saturday evening;

· Chewey Gage-Hampton Bridge, 18.0ft Crest late Saturday night;

· Tahlequah Gage-US62 Highway Bridge, 17.7ft Crest Sunday morning;

· Flint Creek Gage-US412 Highway Bridge 11.3ft Crest Saturday morning; and,

· Barren Fork Creek Gage-SH51 Highway Bridge 18.0ft Crest Saturday morning.

Flash flooding will be a concern overnight. Motorist must exercise caution when driving. Never drive into water covering a roadway, turn around don’t drown.

It’s anticipated that State Highway 10 will be closed to traffic by flood water just north of Hanging Rock Camp approximately midnight on Saturday night. Several county roads will be impacted by flood waters.

Additional updates will be published as river conditions warrant.

Thank you,

Ed Fite

Vice-President for Rivers Operations and Water Quality

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