The National Weather Service and Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center-Tulsa Office has issued a flash flood advisory and moderate flood warning for the Illinois River Basin through Sunday for some locations, according to a release sent by Ed Fite, Grand River Dam Authority vice president for rivers operations and water quality.

Heavy rainfall amounts are anticipated for the Illinois River Basin over the course of the next three days. The preliminary forecast is for amounts of 3-4 inches widespread over the Basin.

Flash flooding will be a concern. Motorists are encouraged to exercise caution when driving after dark. Do not drive into water covering a roadway. Turn around; don’t drown.

As of Thursday evening, moderate flooding is forecasted for the Illinois River, with minor flooding forecasted for the Flint Creek and Barren Fork Creek.

The preliminary flooding levels are based on the present rainfall forecast model. A possibility exists that rainfall in amounts greater than 4 inches may be received once the storm event develops.

The preliminary crests and times are:

• Watts Gage-U.S. 59 Highway Bridge, 21.5 feet crest on Saturday evening.

• Chewey Gage-Hampton Bridge, 18.3 feet crest late Saturday night.

• Tahlequah Gage-U.S. 62 Highway Bridge, 17.5 feet crest Sunday morning.

• Flint Creek Gage-U.S. 412 Highway Bridge, 11.3 feet crest Saturday morning.

• Barren Fork Creek Gage-S.H. 51 Highway Bridge, 18.3 feet crest Saturday morning.

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