JUST KIDDING aROUND: Cherokee County Junior Livestock Show wraps up with goats

Ashton Deardeuff wrangles her goat around the pin during the Cherokee County Junior Livestock Show. Ashton took home several awards.

The Cherokee County Junior Livestock Show wound down last Sunday, beginning at 1 p.m., as dozens of goats entered the arena to be examined, judged, and awarded places based on many different qualities.

Brandi Moore, OSU Extension program assistant, said the judge is looking for several things when he judges the goats.

"In the does, a judge is looking for a broad chest, wide enough rib cage for breeding, straight backs, and a nice, rounded butt," said Moore. "For wethers, they are looking for a goat that packs a lot of power. They want to see muscles across the shoulders and butt; they want a slim belly and a flat back. Really, in simple terms, the judge is looking for an animal that has reached full potential for market production."

Does are the female goats and the wethers are the males. Mick Clark, judge of the show, told the crowd they were all in for a good show day based on his early observations.

"I was really excited with the quality from our sheep show yesterday, and based on the first round of does, I think we are looking forward to another really good day," said Clark.

The ultimate point of these shows is for students to be able to show off all of the hard work they put into raising their animals.

They even have the opportunity to sell their livestock and make a profit from the work they put in, breeding and raising them.

"Kids spend probably two or more hours every day outside with their animals, working and building muscle," said Moore. "It is just a hobby and a passion for a lot of kids. And hopefully, the result allows them to make a profit and be rewarded for all their hard work."

Competitors do not always sell their livestock. Occasionally they may keep them to continue working to perfect the bloodline through breeding and nourishment.

Goat winners

Does, Class 1: Clayton Wallace; Class 2, Ashton Deardeuff; Class 3, Elisabeth Haggard; and Class 4, Nathan Rowan. Grand Champion, Nathan Rowan; Reserve Champion, Max Purget; and Bronze place, Elisabeth Haggard.

Wethers, Class 1: Adison Steeley; Class 2, Emmy Foreman; Class 3, Nathan Rowan; and Class 4, Nathan Rowan. Grand Champion, Adison Steeley; Reserve Champion, Nathan Rowan; and Bronze place, Ashton Deardeuff.

Showmanship: Kambri Young, Junior division; Ashton Deardeuff, Intermediate division; and Clayton Wallace, Senior division.

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