Tahlequah Friends Fellowship will initiate weekly morning worship at 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, at the Wesley Foundation Student Center, 403 Goingsnake St.

For several years, the group has been meeting Thursday evenings in the living room of David Nagle and Beth Green-Nagle, 536 Summit Ave. They plan to continue hosting this midweek meeting. However, requests have been made for a Sunday morning worship. As Friends prayed about how to respond, doors opened and weekly Sunday morning worship will be available.

Traditionally, Quakers, officially known as the Religious Society of Friends, gather in silent, expectant waiting. One may offer prayer, recite scripture verses, sing a hymn, or share a message as prompted by the Holy Spirit. Meetings last about an hour and are open to all interested individuals, couples, and families. From their origins in England in 1652, Friends have recognized the equality of women, opposed slavery, and pursued fellowship with and justice for Blacks, Native Americans, and other oppressed groups. Friends seek to respond to the Light of Christ in every person and thus have always opposed the death penalty.

Tahlequah Friends Fellowship is a preparative meeting under the joint care of Hominy Friends Meeting-Great Plains Yearly Meeting, and Chesterfield Friends Meeting-Ohio Yearly Meeting. Anyone interested in learning more may call 918-885-2714 or show up at a meeting.

"There is no better way than first-hand experience to learn about a religious group," said David Nagle. "Why not worship with Friends?"

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