1. What brought you to Tahlequah and made you decide to open your first coffee shop here?

Real estate prices, the proximity to Arkansas and Tulsa and a website listing Tahlequah as on of top 10 cities to live in Oklahoma sealed the deal. In 2008, Starbucks decided to close 600-plus stores and Tahlequah was on that list, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to fill that space.

2. Tell us how you got the idea for The Drip, and explain your mission with it.

I was four years into coffee and dissatisfied with the drive-thru coffee experience. By that time, I saw what other coffee shops in big cities like Portland and Chicago were doing, which was part culinary, part theater, part Alton Brown coffee geekery, and I was hooked and convinced Tahlequah would love that kind of approach to coffee as well. I was right.

3. What are some of your most popular products?

The espresso shot is king in the coffee industry. It is what all great coffee cocktails and drinks are based on. The pursuit for the perfect shot, which some have called the “god shot,” was what drove me to keep pushing quality and perfection.

4. Why did you open another shop in Owasso, and how’s that going?

Since 2008 we managed to grow the coffee business by over 400% in Tahlequah, which is a very small market, so I was convinced that the Drip model could succeed in other parts of Oklahoma.

5. Any plans to expand further or add to your product line? Explain.

We are currently looking for partners who believe in the Drip model of excellence. Our goal is to expand Drip into the rest of Oklahoma, but we need people who share our philosophy of putting the customer first. Our menu is constantly evolving. Drip uses coffee and tea as the key ingredient to many different drinks. Coffee is no longer a simple drink but an exciting beginning to many variations. It is an exciting time to be in coffee.

– Kim Poindexter

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