Quick 5: Mike Doublehead

1. TPWA has a long and storied history – most of it very positive, but there was also a bit of a scandal before you came along. What made you decide to seek that position?

I knew TPWA had been a strong proponent of public power for many years. I also knew TPWA had some highly qualified and strong people in place to keep TPWA moving forward.

2. Many people are confused as to the relationship between TPWA and Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority. Can you explain that?

TPWA and Northeast Oklahoma Public Facilities Authority have always been separate operating entities. TPWA provided customer service, billing, collections, and meter-reading services for the NOPFA. As both entities have grown, the need for the NOPFA to perform these services by its own personnel is part of what drove the business decision to separate this process.

3. What do you consider your most important achievement at TPWA thus far?

Keeping people safe. This includes our customers, our employees and any contractors who work for us.

4. Tell us what TPWA is doing now and in the future to expand and improve services.

TPWA continues to invest in our infrastructure. We are investing millions of dollars in our water treatment facilities and our wastewater treatment facilities in upgrades and increased capacity. Additionally, we are looking at mobile technology for our customers.

5. Rate hikes are always controversial. What are some of the biggest challenges you face as the leader of TPWA?

We will always do our best to balance our commitment to be a low-cost, dependable provider while making sure we have enough revenue to invest in improvements. Our biggest challenge going forward is preparing for the upcoming retirements of long-term employees and transferring the knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

– Kim Poindexter

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