Rev. Buddy Hunt

Buddy Hunt

1. You lead one of the largest congregations in Tahlequah. What’s the biggest challenge you face on a regular basis?

Finding time for family, rest, and enough time to be alone with God. Shepherding a flock the size of First Baptist does take a lot of time. I also serve as police chaplain for the Tahlequah Police Department.

2. Tell us a little bit about your congregation in terms of size and structure, and your most popular programs.

First Baptist averages close to 500 people in worship on Sunday mornings and about 250 on Wednesday nights in discipleship classes and choir ministries. We have an excellent music ministry for all ages. We have a strong youth ministry and an active preschool and children’s ministry. Our adult ministry is for men, women, singles, seniors and families. First Baptist is mission-minded, locally and around the world.

3. Where do you get your inspiration for your sermons, and how do you prepare yourself before services?

As I prepare for sermons, I spend time in prayer seeking God’s direction. I preach through books of the Bible and sometimes on topics relevant to members. All week long, I pray over my sermons, asking God to anoint me with his power and the message I will preach with his power.

4. There’s quite a bit of negativity in the world. What do you say to your church members to give them hope for the future that’s grounded in faith?

I remind the church God is still in control and his will is going to be done. I remind them this world is not our home, but while we are here, we are Christ’s ambassadors. We are to be about the purpose of our church, which is to love God, love others, and impact our world for Jesus Christ. We must remind people hope can only be found in a personal relationship with Jesus.

5. What is your greatest concern about Cherokee County today, and how do you see your role from both a spiritual and personal standpoint?

My biggest concern is the moral failure our country is going through. I am concerned about the self-centeredness dominating our country and the lack of commitment we see, even in our churches. My job is to continue preaching the whole Bible and reminding people Jesus said, “Take up the cross daily." I am to remind people God has not changed and his Word has not changed. Personally, I am to be a living example of all I preach.

– Kim Poindexter

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