Anthony Shane Hammer

A Tahlequah man was arrested after he posted threats online to shoot up the McIntosh County Courthouse.

Anthony Shane Hammer wrote on Facebook that he was “ready to go to war” and asked others to join him at the courthouse in Eufaula. In the post, he said he would not stop until he was killed.

Someone who saw the post called the Tahlequah Police Department, and officers contacted the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office. The McIntosh County District Attorney's Office and the FBI Safe Trails Task Force were then notified.

Federal agents found Hammer and his girlfriend hiding in an SUV in Cherokee County. He was arrested after a brief stand-off. He did not have any firearms on him at the time of the arrest.

Hammer had been scheduled to appear in court for a warrant that could affect his ability to see his children. Investigators said the Department of Human Services took his children into protective custody. That action apparently made him angry, which is being viewed as a possible motive.

Local officials said that due to the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, threats of any kind are not taken lightly, and law enforcement treated this incident as such.