Local retailers gear up for Black Friday rush

Grant D. Crawford | Daily Press

Mikayla Jameson arranges items at Cashmere Lane LLC in preparation of Black Friday traffic.

The biggest shopping event of the season is nearing and already underway at some Tahlequah businesses, and customers are looking for the best Black Friday deals.

The city has ample stores and businesses ready for holiday shoppers, and many of the establishments are locally-owned. Amy Carter, owner of Vivid Salon and Boutique, said she doesn't discourage shopping online or at big-box stores, but did point out that money spent locally can have a positive impact on the community.

"We're all going to shop at chains, we're all going to shop online, but you should make a concerted effort to shop locally if you care about your economy," said Carter.

Shopping at the local level can keep more dollars within the community, help business owners keep the lights on, and the sales tax will be reinvested back into the city instead of elsewhere.

Price deals are not only for big chains, either, as businesses across the city are offering bargains this year.

On Friday and Saturday at Vivid, fleece-lined leggings will be only $10; C.C. beanies and headbands will be buy three, get one free; special additional holiday gift packages will be available, and for everything else in the shop that is "regularly priced," customers can spin the wheel of fortune to receive 15% to 35% off.

Next door to Vivid, Felts Family Shoe Store is offering a deal for buy one pair of shoes, get one pair half off. Some shoes in the shop are already on sale. Locals don't have much time to take advantage of the sale, though, as it ends Saturday.

Jewelry is always a popular gift item around the holidays, and Meigs Jewelry in downtown Tahlequah is offering deals from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Diamond studs typically priced at $249 are on sale for $129. Those who purchase the studs can also bring them back in and get back exactly what they paid for them, to go toward a diamond stud that is the next size larger. The store has a way for people to shop locally, but also online.

"The biggest thing we've worked so hard on is our online presence," said owner Todd Mutzig. "We're offering for Black Friday and all the way through Cyber Monday a 20% off across the board - with the exception of diamonds - for online sales."

Everyone wants a comfy bed to lie on during winter months. This month, Rose Furniture is offering queen-size beds for $399 and king-size beds for $599. The store also has plans for Black Friday and Saturday.

"We're going to have kid recliners on sale for $99," said Jennifer Rose. "They're normally $150. Then everything in the store will be on sale, some things drastically reduced."

Boulevard LLC, a popular men's clothing store, will offer customers Wednesday and Friday $10 gift certificates for every $50 spent. The store will also have various items on sale at 50% to 75% off.

Cashmere Lane LLC will host a Black Friday Pop-N-Shop, and the women's boutique will be flooded with balloons that each contain a discount - anywhere from 10% to 50% off a customer's entire purchase.

"So what they do is they pick out everything they love in the store that they're wanting to purchase, and then they grab a balloon, we pop it here at the counter, and we let them know what their discount is," said Carrie Lane. "The entire store is filled with balloons. It's really fun."

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