The Tahlequah Abatement Board dismissed one structure and tabled four others during a Sept. 14 meeting.

Code Enforcement Officer Larry Warnock said the structure at 1109 W. Fourth St. had burned down earlier this year. The Ryals family contacted Mike Corn, who had built the house, to demolish the remains.

Compliance Coordinator Ray Hammons said he appreciated Warnock and the Fire Marshal for getting him information to relay to the insurance company.

They were going to have her rebuild the home the way it stood, and there's no way that house could have been rebuilt, Hammons said.

"We had to argue with the insurance company because they didn't want to pay her for it and say they weren't going to allow her to rebuild it," Hammons said. "So with the dangerous situation it is in, we were able to get the insurance company to pay the lady for the house and tear it down."

Action on the structure at 1004 N. Francis Ave., owned by the House family, was tabled until October to allow repairs.

Warnock and Hammons expressed their frustration with the homeowners for their lack of progress.

"They cleaned up the toilets and water heaters out of the front yard, and moved the incapacitated vehicles and got those all out of the front yard," Warnock said. "But as far as the house goes, they've replaced a piece of fascia about that long, and that's it."

The homeowner submitted a plan of action to the abatement board, dated September 2019. Hammons said if she's not getting the adequate help from her immediate family, he would be OK with her formulating a plan of action, even if it meant taking small steps.

"She can't stall, but a plan of action of replacing 10 boards a month, or replace a quarter of the shingles a month [would work]. In four months, she'd be done," Hammons said.

The board tabled abatement proceedings until November on structures at 121 W. South St., owned by the Shook family; 809 W. Choctaw St., owned by the Irwin family; and 102 E. Fifth St., owned by the Jackson family.

What's next

The next Abatement Board meeting is Oct. 5 at 4 p.m. at Tahlequah City Hall.

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