A judge Thursday denied a former police officer’s application for a county beer license.

Chief District Judge Bruce Sewell denied Edgar Yidi’s license request when Yidi, a former NSU officer and DA investigator, did not appear at a 10 a.m. hearing.

First Assistant District Attorney Donovan Dobbs filed a protest of the application last Friday, alleging the public didn’t want the club opened because beer had been served to people under 21 by the previous license holder.

Yidi’s application states he would do business as Club 619 at 407 N. Muskogee. Special District Judge Sandy Crosslin revoked the Cubby Hole’s license at that location for six months after the DA’s office and the license holder reached an agreement.

Dobbs also alleged in his protest of Yidi’s application that Yidi has shown no proof he intends to operate Club 619 differently than the previous licensee.

Police Chief Steve Farmer, TPD Detective Nate King, the regional Project Under 21 coordinator, and several citizens were on hand for the hearing that didn’t occur.

Tahlequah police and Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission agents found several alleged incidents of underage drinking at the Cubby Hole prompting the DA’s office to seek revocation of the beer license.


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