The Tahlequah City Council at its June 3 meeting accepted the 2017-2018 annual audit.

Michael Green presented the board with the 57-page auditor's report and recommended that the city have a policy or agreement in place that will require the audit to be completed by its due date.

Green, a certified public accountant, was hired in January and found the city was in violation of deadline requirements. The state of Oklahoma requires an annual audit report within six months of the year's end.

Ward 3 Councilor Stephen Highers motioned while Ward 2 Councilor Dower Combs seconded.

The board approved action adopting a healthy food retail resolution for the city. Lora Buechele, who manages Cherokee County TSET Healthy Living Program, said they have been working on this resolution for three years.

Buechele said transportation, affordability and enrollment in food subsidy programs have been contributing to access to healthy foods.

Council Stephen Highers commended Buechele for her dedication and the healthy approach she seeks in Tahlequah.

"I think that it's great to put this information out and to really identify some things that we can do to help our residents here in Tahlequah and to make those opportunities more readily available," said Highers.

Ward 1 Councilor Bree Long motioned while Highers seconded.

Patrick Barnas represented Lochner Engineer in applying for and accepting a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. Grant application documents contained designs of a taxiway lighting system at the Tahlequah Municipal Airport.

The current grant dollar amount is $119,000, a 90/10 match from the FFA. The FFA will pay 90 percent while the city pays 10 percent, or $11,900.

"A year from now, we'll have a bidding process and we'll receive the bids from contractors," said Barnas. "We'll submit a new grant application specifically for construction, which includes actual installation of the lining and then construction and inspection and all of the administration as well."

Estimated construction cost is between $500,000 and $600,000.

Councilor Combs motioned and Highers seconded. Long voted no.

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