Patrons of the Anthis-Brennan Family Sports Complex concession stand recently complained that rainwater had “ruined” cabinets and caused mold and mildew. The damage to the base of this cabinet appeared to be the most extensive on Friday, and there were no visible signs of mold or mildew in the concession stand – but city leaders promised to address the damage and its source.

City leaders say they have a plan of action to fix flooding issues at the bathroom and concession stand facility near the Anthis-Brennan Family Sports Complex soccer fields.

Mayor Jason Nichols and Parks Superintendent Charles Poteet toured the facility Friday after concerns arose about the flooding of bathrooms and a concession stand.

Patrons told the Daily Press the flooding had “ruined” cabinets in the concession stand, and created mold and mildew.

“Last year, we did receive a complaint,” Nichols said Friday. “I remember receiving one that some water would get in under the door, just like is happening now, so they put some weather stripping at the bottom of the doors. It helped some, but it’s obvious water is still going under the doors in some places.”

Poteet and Nichols found apparent water damage on two sides of one concession-stand cabinet, where the material had warped and cracked. But they could find no obvious signs of mold or mildew in or around the cabinets.

Nichols estimates damage to the cabinets will likely be a simple fix.

“It ought to be a minimal tweak and repair,” said Nichols.

Nichols suggested the damage could have been caused by water from the two sinks above the cabinets.

But Nichols and Poteet did find puddles of water inside both bathrooms at the facility on Friday. Poteet said it appears the privacy wings built outside of the main restroom doors have left rainwater with nowhere to go but under the door and into the facility.

A lack of guttering above the bathrooms is also partly to blame, Poteet and Nichols suggested.

“Basically, guttering and a small drain hole put into one block in those walls surrounding the bathroom doors will solve the issue, and it should cost very little money,” said Nichols.

Poteet agreed to fix the drainage issues at the bathrooms and, if necessary, install guttering to usher rainwater away from the doors. Crews will also determine whether floor drains inside the restrooms need to be altered.

Poteet estimated the work would total an hour or two of labor and the cost of guttering.


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